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The visa formality is a must for most of the foreign nationals travelling to Vietnam. The Vietnam government has made it essential for almost every tourist here to come up with their legitimate Vietnam visas to ensure a legit stay. Do you need to travel to Vietnam sometimes soon? That is great but you need be prepared with your Vietnam visa and your passport which should be valid for 6 months minimum. Now, the conventional route to attain Vietnam visa is any day daunting and usually tampers with your daily routine. But the good news is that today you have the online Vietnam visa facility which has made the process way easier in comparison to the traditional practice.

Differences between the traditional and online route

In case of the traditional route to Vietnam visa application, the applicant is needed to visit the Vietnam Embassy physically and apply for the Vietnam visa. If his visa plea is approved by Vietnam Immigration, he would need to collect the visa from the Embassy outlet, all by himself again.

But if you take the online route, you won’t need to go anywhere as the entire process would be conducted online only. The online visa applicants would be able to apply, submit payment and receive the Vietnam visa approval letter through internet, while relaxing at home. The only requirements here are a stable computer and strong internet connection. The online Vietnam visa facility is called Vietnam visa on Arrival.

Benefits of the online route

The primary benefit of taking to online Vietnam visa processing is that, here you are rewarded with an extremely convenient, fast and hassle-free service. Unlike the traditional route, you are no longer needed to waste your hours and energy at the Embassy outlet. With the online process, you are not needed to face the long Embassy queues and everything could be done from the comfort of your home. Moreover, as the Vietnam visa on Arrival procedure works online, you are free to apply whenever you want to. There’s no need to tamper your usual routine to queue up at the Vietnam Embassy office as here you will have the visa company staffs getting the work done for you. In the contemporary busy world, life packed with responsibilities galore, the online Vietnam visa on arrival process is an able suitor.

Vietnam visa on Arrival

When you take to Vietnam visa on arrival, you receive approval for Vietnam visa online and get the visa stamped when you reach a Vietnam international airport. The process is approved by Vietnam Immigration Department and you won’t have to worry about the legit quotient of the program. Just to note here that the online Vietnam visa on arrival program is only applicable for travelers flying by air to Vietnam. When you apply and submit for Vietnam visa on Arrival online, you would receive the visa approval letter within 1-2 business days of the application. You are simply needed to get a printout of the letter and carry that to Vietnam international airport to have it stamped from Immigration officials.


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