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Vietnam Visa On Arrival

How to Get a Visa for Vietnam

Attainment of visa for Vietnam follows two prescribed methods which is the general procedure of getting it via the embassy or the consulate and the other is of visa on arrival. It is your discretion as to which type you want to choose. Visa from the embassy takes time and can get pricey whereas visa on arrival is cheap and simple. You need to fill in the application form whereby you will have to have the approval letter.

You must remember that if you are opting for a visa from the embassy collect it from a nearby embassy and if you are an official guest, a part of the tour that comes in package then you will be given the visa at the border gate. To apply for a visa you need to submit various documents which include:

  • Entry form that allows you.
  • Passport that is original.
  • Passport size photo, at least three.
  • Fees of visa which varies from the embassy to visa on arrival.

You can get through Vietnam via two modes:

By air- with three busy international airports you can get through Vietnam and there are direct flights which are available from the top most cities of Australia and Asia.

By land- a bus can get you from Cambodia to Vietnam. Train service from China is also available.

The procedure of applying for the visa to getting the visa can be grueling or might just be a piece of cake since it depends from country to country as well as from the embassy to embassy. However, the immigration departments have certain rules for overstaying and the rules are quite stringent. When you overstay for a day as well you will have to pay extravagantly. Those who try to extend their travel and depart by the border will have to bear the brunt by checking and solving the issue with the department of immigration.

Fee structure- as far as fees for visa is concerned you should note that there are two kinds of fees- fees for visa and processing fees. The currency of Vietnam is Dong, VND. The denominations should be checked when you make the payment. However, traveler’s cheque as well as US dollar is accepted at any major bank in Vietnam.

After you reach Vietnam you are bound to stay at a place- be it hotel or a relative’s place. When you are staying at hotel be sure that 10% service charge is taken by the hotel. Roaming around the length and breadth of the city guarantees you lots of transport which vary from two wheelers to four wheelers. Apart from the guidelines that you know of visiting Vietnam be sure to check the expiry date of the passport as it might create trouble in your visa. Booking in advance for the visa is ideal but it just takes 3- 5 days to get your visa approved. Those who want to make the payment by credit card as well as debit card can do so.

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