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Vietnam Visa On Arrival

How to Get Vietnam Visa

Are you about to travel to Vietnam soon? Now you must know that the Vietnam government has made it mandatory for almost all foreign tourists here to land up with visa formalities- irrespective of your means of travel and purpose. The visa formality is required to guarantee a legitimate stay permit in the country for a set period of time. But, how to get Vietnam visa? Well, here is a brief on the routes to attain Vietnam visa.

Two ways to obtain Vietnam visa

There are two ways to attain your Vietnam visa- the traditional route and the online track.

Traditional way

In this case, you will need to physically visit the Vietnam Embassy outlet to apply and receive the Vietnam visa before you travel to Vietnam. The traditional route is applicable irrespective of your means of travel to Vietnam. Search online for the nearest Vietnam Visa outlet.

The online track

There are a lot of modern internet based Vietnam visa companies that allow you to avail the Vietnam visa process virtually. When you take to the online track, there is no need to visit the Vietnam Embassy outlet as everything would be done online only. The visa company personnel will fulfill all the visa formalities at the Embassy office, on your behalf. It’s a faster, easier, smarter and completely stress free route in comparison to the traditional route. In many cases, people don’t have a Vietnam Embassy nearby and it takes a lengthy travel for them to fulfill the visa formalities- which makes the whole process taxing and cumbersome. The online route for Vietnam visa is called Vietnam visa on arrival.

Defining Vietnam visa on Arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival implies a procedure where you will have the Vietnam visa on arriving at a Vietnam international airport, after receiving the visa approval online. The whole procedure- right from visa application to payment submission to receipt of visa approval letter- everything would be conducted online. It’s a legitimate process and is fully accredited by the Vietnam Immigration Department. However, you should know that Vietnam visa on Arrival is strictly meant for travelers to Vietnam by air and is applicable for both corporate and travel visas. Those who are traveling by any other means to Vietnam will have to abide by the conventional visa processing routine. Vietnam visa on Arrival is applicable for both casual tourists and business travelers to Vietnam.

Getting visa through Vietnam visa on arrival

First, you will apply through the online visa application form from a Vietnam visa company’s website. After you fill up the online visa application form, it’s time to submit the payment online. Then, the Vietnam visa company will start processing your Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter and would email it to you within 24-48 hours of application. You would have to take a print out of that letter and carry it to Vietnam airport. You will find Vietnam Immigration outlet there where you will present the letter to get your visa stamped.

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