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Vietnam Visa On Arrival

How to get Vietnam Visa for Business trip ?

There are many reasons as to why people may resolve to travel to other nations. Obviously, it’s hard to enumerate such reasons. For one to legally travel or reside in a foreign country, a visa is required. Residing in a foreign country without having a visa is a criminal offence. Such an offence may attract heavy fines and also include imprisonment.

In order to avoid being apprehended, one has to follow the right channels. Though following such procedures may look time-consuming, it’s helpful. There different types of visas globally, but the most common are three. They include a business, tourist, and diplomatic visa. In Vietnam, these three visa types exist. It is upon the applicant to decide which visa best suits him or her. A Vietnam visa for business is unique.

Application for a business visa
If you are aiming to expand your business territory to a new high, then a business visa is the right one for you. A business visa can be obtained by either making an online application or by visiting a Vietnam embassy.

An online visa application is good for those people with limited time to visit an embassy. However, even those with an adequate amount of free time can also utilize the benefits of an online application. An online visa application was designed by the Vietnam government to reduce the workload at the embassies.

To apply for a visa through the internet, one has to be next to an internet-connected computer. Once connected, the next process is to log into the page of the Vietnam’s visa application. After all this steps, you are then required to fill the application form carefully and correctly. The entered details should be similar to those appearing on your original passport. All fields must be filled unless stated.

Upon completion, it becomes prudent to verify if the details you entered are actually correct. The next step is to submit the application form. You will then be required to wait for a period not exceeding two days before you receive a response. If the application was successful, a visa letter of approval is sent to you via email. You are required to print out this letter. This letter will help you obtain your business visa.
This is one way of obtaining a business visa for Vietnam. The second method of obtaining a business visa is by visiting the Vietnam embassy. You will be provided with an application form.  Fill it correctly then submit. One advantage of this method is that it is efficient and reliable.

Requirements for obtaining a business visa
For a Vietnam business visa, you are required to have a sponsor or to have received an offer from a Vietnamese business partner. However, a visa can still be given even if you do not any business partner or sponsor. In such a context, you have to prove your business motives by giving evidence. The following data is always required of you: a passport size photo, an original passport, and an application fee. You will also be required to enter you date of birth and your expected date of arrival.

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