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Vietnam Visa On Arrival

How to Apply Visa for Vietnam

The Vietnam Immigration has made it a mandatory formality for almost every foreign national to come up with Vietnam visa permit- to ensure a legitimate trip in the country, whether you are a casual traveler or a business one. Are you too visiting Vietnam soon and need to know about Vietnam visa application? Well, here goes a brief detailing on how to apply for Vietnam visa.

There are two ways to apply

Yes, there are two ways to apply for Vietnam visa. One is the traditional route and another is the online way. In case of the traditional route you would have to apply for Vietnam visa by physically traveling to Vietnam Embassy. Surf online to know about the Vietnam Embassy office close to your location. The traditional route to attain Vietnam visa is available for any foreign national going to Vietnam- regardless of the means of travel. In case of the online, way, you can apply the Vietnam visa through the online Vietnam visa companies. The online Vietnam visa process is called Vietnam visa on Arrival.

Why is online application so popular?

The online route to apply for Vietnam visa is getting popular day by day. Actually, the traditional route is really cumbersome as here you would have to wait at the elaborate Embassy queues for long hours – upsetting your usual routine. But when you go online, everything is just a click away and the application gets done within a few minutes. As the entire process is carried online, you would be able to apply for Vietnam visa right from the comfort of your home.

Steps for online Vietnam visa application-

Step 1

Find out a reputed online Vietnam visa company offering Vietnam visa on Arrival service.

Step 2

Go to the company website and find out the section for eVisa Vietnam application form. Have your passport and flight details handy. The application form would ask you to enter the following details-

  • Information of your visa- including visa type, entry date, exit date, purpose of the visit and arrival airport.
  • Personal details of the visa candidate- including full name, date of birth, present nationality, passport number and passport expiration date. If you are traveling with somebody, add on his/her details as well.
  • Contact details- including your primary email id & alternate email id. Be careful about your email id as this is where all the further communication would take place.

After you apply

After you apply, submit the visa service fee online. You will receive the Vietnam Immigration approved Vietnam visa approval letter on your email id. The online visa company will send you the approval letter within 1-2 business days of the application. Take a print out of the letter and carry it in your flight to the Vietnam international airport- Da Nang or Noi Bai or Tan Son Nhat. You will have the Vietnam Immigration officials there who will check the visa approval letter and you will have the Vietnam visa stamped on your passport.

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