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Phu Quoc Island Plans To Welcome Foreign Tourists Again At The End Of 2021

Vietnamese government is working on a proposal to gradually open up to international tourism, with the first phase being piloted in Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc Island is the first locality that will prepare to pilot the program to welcome international visitors under the “closed tourism model”. Accordingly, visitors with a “vaccine passport” or a “vaccination certificate” will be able to enter Vietnam through Phu Quoc airport (Phu Quoc island), quarantine for a short time and travel in the permitted areas in this locality.

The quarantine period after entry is being discussed, which can be shortened from 21 days (according to current requirements) to 7 days, or 3 days depending on many factors.

It is expected that Phu Quoc will welcome guests at the end of October 2021, the tourist market includes countries such as Russia, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Italy, Australia, etc. Quang Nam province also is proposing to be allowed to welcome international tourists back in the same model as Phu Quoc.

Vietnam government will open a pilot international tourism in Phu Quoc. If this model works well, the government will open its doors more widely to other localities, and at the same time lift many travel restrictions in the past 2 years.

Currently, Phu Quoc is planning to vaccinate all people in Phu Quoc island to create community immunity. Plans on entry plans, “vaccine passports”, visas, international passenger transport, isolation, accommodation, etc. are being prepared. In July and August 2021, Vietnamese government will review and approve the detailed plan.

This is a good news for international tourists who are looking forward to traveling to Vietnam. However, the opening of the international tourism industry in Vietnam will not be implemented quickly, but must gradually follow the general situation of the epidemic in the country and the world. We all hope that the epidemic will soon be controlled, and the images of tourists lying on the beaches, enjoying the warmth of the golden sand, will return soon.

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