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There are many reasons for traveling but the requirements for documentation are crucial. These entail a valid passport, a qualification visa and definitely the airline ticket for you to travel to a foreign land. For instance, the passport and the Vietnam visa ought to be your primary needs when planning to go to Vietnam. Getting one may be quite difficult since it involves many official proceedings and many formalities to be completed.

In case you are a first timer in traveling out of the country, you should ensure that all the documents are in good order to enable you to have a bon voyage. If for instance you might have travelled in the past, having all your passports and visas in order is also crucial. The same case applies when in need to travel to Vietnam since a Vietnamvisa is a mandatory. In order to ensure a safe in and out passage in any country and get assured of your safety and security, authentic passport and visa services are important.

When in need to undergo a Vietnam visa application process, it is crucial to visit an experienced firm that has been in the business for long enough. The passports and visa services are crucial for emergency passport application, passport renewal, in acquiring new passports to child passports and in replacing lost passports. To apply for Vietnam visa, you should be keen enough to establish the firm to get your services. This is because some firms deal with travel agents, individuals and also corporate clients. The entire scope of services is wide spread online and can be easily accessed. The instructions are usually fed on the website, and as a potential client, you are required to feed the required information, depending on your need. Online services also provide visa upon arrival which can be accessed faster and within a short period of time. In many instances, the company will give you guidance in filling the forms.

Depending on the type of Vietnam visa application you require, the process is simply the same. This involves contacting the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate office within residential country or in your travels prior to entering Vietnam. When in need of a tourist visa, you will need to present:

– Entry permit form

– Typically 4cm x 6cm or 3 cm x 4 cm photos

– Original passport

– Visa fee

The fee and the form usually vary by country; hence it is advisable to directly check the Vietnamese embassy or the consulate to which you are applying. A business visa generally requires a support letter from your sponsor agency or a company in Vietnam. When attended to in person, the process takes 2-3 days and if by mail it may take 2-3 weeks. This majorly depends on the service you use, although it may considerably vary by embassy or consulate. When mailing, you ought to make preparations to have your passport with Vietnam visa returned back to you. In case of assistance, your Vietnam visa can be processed through a travel agency or a Vietnam tour company, though an additional fee is encountered. This is only important if you need Vietnam visa on arrival services.

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