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Guide to use telephone services in Danang city, Vietnam

Domestic calls: Press 0 + Area code + telephone number.

– International calls: Press 00 + National code + Area code + telephone number.

Using 171, 177, 178 or 179 services to save your cost.

Domestic calls: press 171 (or 177 or 178 or 179) + 0 + area code + telephone number.

– International calls: Press 171 (or 177 or 178 or 179) + 00 + national code + area code + telephone number.


+ Tourist can buy phonecards for telephone – cabins on the roads.

+ Cards of 1717, 1778, 1779 (paid in advance) can save costs a lot.

+ Using: press 1717 (or 1778 or 1779) + code of the card + national code + area code + telephone number

Other services:

– Calling 1080: Telephone number inquiries.

– Calling 1088: Consultancy service.

– Calling 801100: Automatic answering services.


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