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Festivals in Danang City, Vietnam

Traditional celebrations in Da Nang City – a lovely city by Han River – attract not only dwellers in Da Nang City but also visitors from other areas. Everyone takes the chance to devote their invocation for nice weather to accelerate the agricultural periods and to be more losers, for the support of forebear and to wish fortune to their close relatives and friends.

Although having many popular features with other coastal regions in Central Vietnam, Da Nang festivals have its own particular characteristic and marked allure. People can easily see the complete colorful zone with exciting melodies of praying peace, passionate beat of “bai choi” in celebrative time. Started a long time ago, the celebrations in Da Nang City were spread through many generations such as Cau Ngu festival, Avalokitesvara festival, Hoa My village festival, An Hai village festival etc. “Pastor festival” –a very peculiar one for pastors only, mischievous children with muddy legs and bareheaded -as well as many other celebrations as time passed was not created anymore.

Not only preserving the traditional festivals, Danang people make a new festival by themselves depending on the traditional features of boat race. It is annually held on the September 2nd National Day in the Han river with tens of racing teams of localities inside and outside the city. This is really the homeland festive day and of man’s heart.

Dwellers in Da Nang both keep the classical celebration and create extra celebration for themselves relying on the traditional characteristics of boat competition. This contest, on the September 2nd National Day, with ten competing crew of place both inside and outside the city, was organized in Han River. This is really the homeland festive day and of man’s heart.


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