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[Vietnam Quarantine Procedures 2021] Vietnam Quarantine Hotels List In Ninh Thuan Province

During pandemic period, quarantine is a must when entering Vietnam. Beside the governmental quarantine zones, visitors also can book hotels from standard to high quality for isolation period. Which hotels in Ninh Thuan are accepted for quarantine? Please see the list of quarantine hotel in Ninh Thuan as below:

All Vietnamese people and foreign nationals coming to Vietnam in this pandemic period must be quarantine as required. Under Vietnam Health Ministry’s regulation, 15-day quarantine is a must after entering Vietnam, and you have to arrange the quarantine place before departure date.

Many Vietnam hotels were registered as a paid-isolation accommodation for people coming to Vietnam, included guest houses, 1-star hotels to 5-star hotels. If you have visa approval and flight ticket, you can contact hotels directly to book the quarantine services. The quarantine hotel will serve 3 meals/day and other related services when you are in the hotel.

Vietnam government allowed some specific flight routes which brought a lot of visitors to Vietnam, most of them are experts, high-tech workers, businessmen, managers, officers, etc. After landing, you must be transferred by private medical car to isolated hotel, and take the quarantine here. The quarantine hotel must be located in the province/city where you arrive or the province/city where your sponsor company is located in.

Below is the list of hotels in Ninh Thuan which accept guests for quarantine only during Covid-19 period:

1. Sai Gon – Ninh Chu Hotel & Resort

2. Casa Maya Hotel

3. Phan Rang Kite Center

4. Phi Kite School

5. Hòn Cò Resort – Cà Ná (Hòn Cò Cà Ná)

6. TTC Resort – Ninh Thuận


  • The demand for coming to Vietnam is a bit high now, but the quarantine hotels have limited room quantity. Therefore, you should book quarantine hotel soon to make sure they are available.
  • In order to book quarantine hotel, you must provide the “entry permit” and “visa approval letter”. These two documents are also required to get visa and enter Vietnam. You must apply it at least 30 days before the departure date.
  • Besides hotel, you also need to book airport transfer service to transfer to quarantine hotel. You are also required to register for quarantine at medical control center in Vietnam, and take virus test during quarantine time in hotel. All these services can be booked through Vietnam visa services through
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