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Quarantine Services For Entering Vietnam In Tan Son Nhat Airport (Ho Chi Minh city) | Quarantine Procedures, Quarantine Requirements, Quarantine Documents For Entry Vietnam In Covid-19 Period

In pandemic period, quarantine is a must when entering Vietnam. Choosing a place for quarantine as well as dealing with quarantine procedures sometimes make you tired. With more than 10 years in providing visa solution, we know clearly about the entry procedure for foreigners and we are happy to provide our quarantine service. With our services, you can choose the best quarantine accommodation, good private car transfer for quarantine, virus test at hotel, and reduce a lot paperwork for all procedures. If you fly to Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh city, you can consider our packages.

1/ Quarantine requirements for foreigners when entering Vietnam 2021

Due to control the pandemic outbreak, Vietnam Government is restricting entry for all foreigners now. Only those who have sponsor company in Vietnam and come for working purpose can apply business visa to enter Vietnam in this period. Furthermore, quarantine after entry is required. The foreigners must be quarantined at hotel for 15 days 15 nights, and during that time, you will be tested Covid-19 two times. If all tests are negative, you will be released after quarantine is ended.

2/ Documents required for booking quarantine hotel in Ho Chi Minh city

To book quarantine hotel in Ho Chi Minh city, you must have these below documents:

  • Entry permit issued by Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee
  • Visa approval letter issued by Immigration Department
  • Flight booking

Furthermore, you also need to register quarantine plan at Ho Chi Minh Disease Control Center, and book the car for transferring from Tan Son Nhat airport to the hotel.

To book quarantine hotel, you must prepare some required documents

3/ Quarantine procedures for entering Vietnam during pandemic period

All documents must be well prepared 7 days before arrival date. Normally the airlines will request you to submit all required documents to get landing permit. Included:

  • Entry permit issued by Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee
  • Visa approval letter issued by Immigration Department
  • Flight booking
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Car transfer confirmation
  • Registration confirmation at Ho Chi Minh Disease Control Center
  • Covid test report stating negative (sample take date must be within 3-5days calendar date from your date of entry and conducted by Real Time –PCR technique). All information are in English.
  • Medical insurance or commitment letter from the company that expert/specialist is working for saying that the company will pay for all costs in case that expert got affected.
  • Health declaration at

After landing at Tan Son Nhat airport, you will be checked temperature, and the Medical staff will do necessary requirement on medical, then you will be grant visa by the immigration officials, and you will be transfer to quarantine hotel.

During quarantine period, you are not allowed to leave the room. You will be served 3 meals/day with water. WIFI is available at the room 24/7 and you can work online during that time.

The medical staff will normally come to check your health, and at least 2-time Covid testing will be made during 15 days quarantine. Ending your quarantine time, you will get quarantine certificate and can go outside.

Vietnam Quarantine Hotels List In Ho Chi Minh City

4/ Book quarantine services at Ho Chi Minh city

Ho Chi Minh city now offers around 22 hotels for quarantine, included guesthouse, 3/4/5 star hotel. You can choose in the list the hotel matching your budget and requirement. Please note that hotel for quarantine is limited, and it will be fully booked soon, so you should check and book soon.

We provide full package for quarantine services in Ho Chi Minh city, included:

  • 15 days quarantine at hotel assigned by Ministry of Health (All hotels will be checked and we will send available hotel option for you so that you can choose the most suitable)
  • 3 meals per day which changes every day
  • Free WIFI and full equipment at hotel
  • 2 times virus test at hotel as required
  • Car transfer from the airport to hotel
  • Quarantine registration as required

You can contact us through email to book quarantine service. You also can ask us for visa application and entry procedure, we will provide free information so that you can well prepare for your trip.


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