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Vietnam Immigration And Entry Procedure With Vaccine Passport | Requirements For Vaccination Certificate When Entering Vietnam In Covid-19 Period

During pandemic period, most of countries require to present a certificate to prove Covid-19 Immunity before letting the foreigners to enter. Whether Vietnam requires such this document? What is requirement for vaccination certificate to enter Vietnam during Covid-19 period?

To control the pandemic outbreak, Vietnam Government is controlling strictly the entry of Vietnamese coming back home and foreigners now. All people entering Vietnam now need to have negative Covid-19 testing by Real Time PCR method 3-5 days before entry date. Furthermore, right after arriving, you will be transferred by private car to come to quarantine area for 15-day isolation. During quarantine period, you will be tested Covid two times. If all testing are negative, you will be released.

At the current time, getting vaccination is not popular in the world. Not all countries have enough vaccines to get vaccination for all citizens. The procedure for vaccination needs more time. When vaccination is more popular, Vietnam Government will issue new regulation about vaccination requirements.

However, all people wishing to enter Vietnam in 2021 and 2022 need to prove no Covid-19 infected before entering. A vaccine passport, vaccination certificate, negative Covid-19 PCR testing or any equivalent documents need to be well prepared depending on the time you enter Vietnam.

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