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Vietnam Temporary Resident Card For Taiwan Passport Holders 2023 – Procedures To Apply Vietnam TRC For Taiwanese

Vietnam temporary resident card (or temporary residence card or TRC) is the card which allows the holders to stay temporarily in Vietnam in a specific time without leaving and without extension. Taiwan passport holders can apply for a Vietnam temporary resident card and stay for a long time in Vietnam with its benefit. In this article, we will provide you detailed information about Vietnam temporary resident card for Taiwanese and the procedure to apply Vietnam TRC.

1/ Vietnam temporary resident card for Taiwan passport holders

Vietnam temporary resident card is issued for:

  • Taiwanese with spouses or children who are Vietnamese.
  • Taiwanese businessmen, managers, directors, workers, etc. who are working in a local company in Vietnam.
  • Taiwanese investors who are investing in Vietnam.

Depending on the case, Taiwanese can apply for Vietnam temporary resident card with different validity, from 1 year to 5 years. During the validity of the card, Taiwanese can stay in Vietnam without extension, and no need to leave and re-enter every 3 month like 1 year tourist visa.

Procedure to issue a Vietnam temporary resident card for Taiwan passport holder is not too complicated. However, you have to prepare full required documents to submit the right type of TRC.

2/ How to apply a Vietnam temporary resident card for Taiwanese?

Documents to apply Vietnam temporary resident card for Taiwanese:

  • An application form for issuance of temporary residence card for the foreigner
  • Information form for temporary residence card attached with photo 3cm x 4cm
  • Copy of passport and a valid visa (bring an original for comparison);
  • 02 photos 3*4cm (01 one to attach to the Information form, 01 one is kept separately)

Depending on type of temporary resident card, these below may be required:

  • 01 copy of Business Registration Certificate of the legal entity of guaranteeing agency, organization, or enterprise.
  • Work permit or work permit exemption certificate;
  • Investment certificate
  • License for establishment of representative office, branch of the company
  • Certificate of a member of the Board of Directors
  • Birth certificate, marriage certificate, family register… if applying for temporary residence card for husband, wife, child… who are foreigners
  • Proof of temporary residence declaration or Certification of temporary residence in the locality with the seal of the Commune Police

Note: Consular legalization and notarized translation into Vietnamese are necessary for all documents in a foreign language.

After preparing all required documents, Taiwan passport holders can come directly to immigration office in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh or Da Nang to submit Vietnam temporary resident card. The processing time can be 14 days, so please make sure your visa is still valid until the date TRC is approved.

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