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When Does Vietnam Visa Open Again After Covid 19 Pandemic? When Are Vietnam Borders Opened For Foreigners?

Until September 2020, Vietnam visa is still suspended. All types of Vietnam visa are closed due to Covid19 pandemic from March 2020, and the borders are also closed. However, when does Vietnam visa open again? Has Vietnam government planed the re-opening time to grant Vietnam visa for foreigners and opening the borders yet?

Covid 19 (corona virus) is still the most headache problem for all around the world now. More and more people are positive with virus and a lot of people have died due to this pandemic. The governments of countries have implemented a lot of methods to protect the country’s citizens, and so do Vietnam. Vietnam government has suspended visa granting for all countries from March 15th 2020, and closed all borders for travel restrictions. Only those who are approved by Vietnam government (mostly official passports, special cases, expertized businessmen, or Vietnamese people from outside Vietnam) can come to Vietnam with some special arranged flights.

For those who are getting stuck in Vietnam due to pandemic, their visa will be automatically extended monthly following the Government notice. If there is no return flight and they cannot come back home due to the border closing, the visitors need to come to Immigration Department Office in their current living city to get extended.

For those who are looking for a trip to Vietnam, they must wait until Vietnam Government opens the visa program again, and the travel restriction has been lifted.

When Is Vietnam Visa Opened Again?

Currently, there is no official announcement about the time for re-opening Vietnam visa yet. Vietnam visa will be opened right after the Covid 19 situation is controlled, and the Government will be in charged of all decisions. As you know, the virus situation in the world is still complicated and Vietnam government are taking priority in citizens’ protection.

The Government also hopes to open the borders and grant visas for foreigners soon, but it must be safe. They take care of the health of Vietnamese, and the foreigners who want to come as well.

Although Vietnam Government has not officially informed about the time to open visa yet, but it’s expected to open at the end of 2020. Of course, the schedule is not fixed, it’s only expected and it depends on pandemic situation.

In case you want to get updates about Vietnam visa and re-opening time, you can chat wit us through chat support or send us an email through , We will send email to you monthly to update about the news on Vietnam visa so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

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