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Vietnam Visa & Quarantine Services For Visitors From Cambodia | Vietnam Visa Application And Vietnam Quarantine Registration During Epidemic

People who are living or working in Cambodia can apply Vietnam visa and enter Vietnam even in Covid-19 period. The procedure requires a sponsored company in Vietnam and will be processed in 1 month.

1/ Vietnam visa application for people from Cambodia during epidemic

You are currently in Cambodia and you want to apply Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam? Is it possible to apply Vietnam visa during Covid-19 period? How is the procedure and what is the required documents to get Vietnam visa and come to Vietnam in this pandemic period?

Actually, Vietnam visa has been closed in March 2020 due to Covid-19. However, it is opened again from September and people who are living or working in Cambodia can apply the visa now. But please note that this visa is only for experts, businessmen, managers, high-tech workers, etc. who come for working or business purpose.

You must have a sponsored company in Vietnam which helps you to sign and seal the application form as well as guarantee your Vietnam trip. The application should be applied through a visa agent.

All you need to prepare is the passport copy and business license copy of the sponsored company. The visa agent will prepare all required documents and submit them for you. The whole process may takes 30 – 35 days, and after it’s approved, you can book flight ticket to Vietnam.

2/ Vietnam quarantine procedure for people from Cambodia during pandemic

After getting visa approval letter from immigration department, you are allowed to get visa at the airport when you arrive Vietnam. The first thing you need to do is, booking the flight ticket as well as quarantine services in Vietnam.

For entering Vietnam, the visitors must book the quarantine in advance. Vietnam now provides quarantine services with variety categories such as guest house, 2-star hotels, 3-star hotels, 4-star hotels and 5-star hotels. Depending on the budget, you can book hotel for quarantine duration.

You also need to book car transfer service and quarantine registration before coming to Vietnam. After getting the confirmation, you can fly to Vietnam.

Quarantine in Vietnam requires 15 days, and you must take virus tests as required during the quarantine period. If you are infected with corona virus, you will be sent to treatment hospital. If not, you can go out after finishing 15-day quarantine.

The quarantine services can be booked with visa application services through Vietnam visa agent. If you don’t know any visa agent in Vietnam, you can contact us to ask for the services:

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