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Vietnam Visa & Isolation Requirements For Visitor From Laos | How Can I Obtain Vietnam Visa From Laos During Covid-19

Can I apply Vietnam visa during Covid-19 period? How can I enter Vietnam if I am in Laos? Is it possible to apply visa and come to Vietnam from Laos during pandemic period? You can find the answer through this article.

1/ Vietnam visa requirements for visitors in Laos during Covid-19 period

From September 2020, Vietnam visa is officially opened again for all nationalities, included Laos passport holders and other nationalities. However, there is a limit for applicants who can apply Vietnam visa in pandemic period:

a/ The applicants must be experts, businessmen, high-tech workers, managers etc. who come to Vietnam for business purpose, or the spouse and children of these people.

b/ The applicants must be sponsored by a local Vietnamese company which guarantee for their trip to Vietnam.

c/ The applicants must apply Vietnam visa and get visa approval letter before the entry date.

d/ The applicants must book accommodation, transportation, and register for quarantine services before coming to Vietnam.

In brief, Laos passport holders or other people who are currently in Laos can apply Vietnam visa and enter Vietnam if they meet the above requirements. Vietnam government has not opened visa for tourists yet, only people coming for business purpose can enter Vietnam in this period.

In order to get Vietnam visa in Covid-19 period, the applicants should contact a visa agent in Vietnam to process the required documents. The procedure is more complicated in pandemic period, so we strongly recommend to use visa services for getting Vietnam visa. The applicants also can contact us through email to apply Vietnam visa and quarantine services for entering Vietnam.

2/ Vietnam isolation requirements for visitors in Laos during Covid-19 period

It is required for quarantine when entering Vietnam in Covid-19 period. Before flying to Vietnam, the visitors must have negative result test with corona virus in Laos. Right after landing in Vietnam airport, the visitors will be tested again, and then be transferred to quarantine hotel. The isolation in hotel requires 15 days, and hotels will provide full services for the customers. After getting negative result at the last quarantine day, the visitors can go out and work or do the business in the sponsored company.

Note: All isolation services must be booked before coming to Vietnam. And it’s required to have the visa approval to book these services. You can ask the visa agent to provide full services for visa application + quarantine services to avoid the risk.

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