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[Vietnam Visa Application 2021] Changes In Vietnam Visa Application At Vietnam Embassy 2021 – How To Apply Vietnam Visa At Vietnam Embassies and Consulates During Pandemic Period?

Due to Covid-19, everything is changed too much, included immigration process and visa application. Many people who used to submit Vietnam visa application at Vietnam embassies/consulates before do not know whether they can still submit visa again in these offices or not. What changes in working time of Vietnam embassy and consulate offices? And How to apply a Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy and consulate office during pandemic period?

1/ Changes in working hours of Vietnam embassies and consulates during Covid-19

All countries in the world are getting big effect of the pandemic now. A lot of companies and offices are closed, even the governmental offices. How’s about Vietnam embassy in consulate?

In fact, depending on the situation in the country where embassy or consulate is located, the working time may be affected. The normal working time of Vietnam embassy is from Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (not included Arab countries). The morning time is for visa submission, and the afternoon time is for getting the result. However, this working time is changed in pandemic period. Some embassies cut down the working hours, as well as the staff. Many people call to the embassy but get no reply. It’s very inconvenient to contact the embassy in this period.

However, most of embassies and consulates still keep the same working time. And all consulate procedures are running as usual.

There are a lot of Vietnam embassies and consulates in the world. If you want to know the address, working hours, contact information, etc. you can click here

You also can send us an email to check about a specific embassy/consulate through email We will contact them to get answer for you.

2/ Changes in visa application procedures in Vietnam embassies and consulates during Covid-19

The visa application process still can be done at Vietnam embassies and consulate but there are more requirements than before. The applicants must obtain “visa approval letter” from a visa agent in Vietnam first, then use this approval letter to submit visa application at the embassy/consulate. Without the “visa approval letter”, the applicants cannot apply Vietnam visa.

This “visa approval letter” must be applied through a visa agent in Vietnam, and it takes 3-4 weeks to get approved. All you need to do is contact the visa agent in Vietnam and send them the passport photo and application form. The visa agent will prepare all required documents to submit your visa application.

After getting the “visa approval letter” through email, you just need to print it out, and submit it + passport + photos to get visa at the embassy/consulate. Depending on your location, you can ask to get visa at the nearest embassy/consulate.

Vietnam embassy/consulate can ask some other documents to prove the quarantine procedure in Vietnam during pandemic period, so you should book quarantine service and get the confirmation before applying visa at the embassy/consulate.

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