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There comes a time in life when not all things can move at the same velocity.  It becomes necessary that certain things be given a priority as compared to others. Suppose you, a businessperson, and you receive an important call suggesting that your presence is immediately needed in a certain distant place, what do you do suppose you were expected to make a flight? This needs not to trouble you if you travelling destination is Vietnam. Vietnam has a special category visa for such situation. What you need to do is get Vietnam visa urgently.

Getting Vietnam visa urgently has been simplified thanks to the availability of diverse form of its application. You can get a Vietnam visa urgently by using mail or by applying through our website. The applicant should take care not fall into the trap of frauds.

Procedures for obtaining an urgent visa
There are companies and agents claiming to be offering urgent Vietnam visa services. Just to be sure you do not become a victim, it is better only to rely on the government services. Such companies often use alluring words that may easily delude as an applicant.

Generally, there are two main established ways in Vietnam upon which one can use to acquire a legitimate urgent visa. These two options are both flexible and reliable. They were created so as to attend to many applicants concurrently. You can choose either application via email or online application form via our website.

There different reasons why people one as opposed to the other. A mail or online visa application is quite flexible and time efficient in contrast to the embassy one. If you choose to get a Vietnam visa urgently via a mail or online form, then this is what is required of you :
First, you must be connected to the internet to be able to fill online Vietnam visa urgently or email to us. Proceed into the Vietnam’s web page upon which you are required to make an application. Once there begin filling in the form accurately and carefully to make no error. Be sure to fill in details that are parallel to that which appears on your original passport. This should be ensured so that you may create no delay. If all is correctly done, then you are hours away from getting Vietnam visa urgently.

After completing the application, submit it. You will be given shortly a visa approved letter if all was keyed in was correct. Print out the visa letter because you will be required to use it to obtain your get visa Vietnam urgently. Once you are at the airport, that letter will be taken and you will be given your visa at landing visa counter. An inconvenience may come in if the details on the visa do not match what’s on your original passport. In such a context, you may be denied a visa.

Alternatively, you can choose to make an application by visiting a Vietnam embassy in your country. This procedure is mostly preferred because it more a reliable way of getting a Vietnam visa urgently however you have to wait for long time to get visa approved. Once you are at the embassy, then all is finished because you can be assisted from the beginning to the end.


Many travelers are not aware that they need a visa to Vietnam until they are at the airport for their flight to Vietnam. Don’t worry if you need a visa …

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