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Vietnam Visa for Indians in Hyderabad | Vietnam Visa for Indians Flying From Hyderabad to Da Nang in 2022

The flight from Hyderabad to Da Nang used to take a circuitous path, but that is no longer the case. Indians may now make the journey from Hyderabad to Da Nang in about five hours thanks to a new flight route offered by the low-cost airline Vietjet Air, which is based in Vietnam. This article will be helpful for Indians who wish to travel to Da Nang from Hyderabad. In it, we will clarify all of the visa requirements for Indians as well as the methods by which Indians in Hyderabad can obtain a Vietnam visa. If you are an Indian citizen and wish to travel to Da Nang from Hyderabad, read this article.

1/ The procedures for obtaining a visa to enter Vietnam for Indian citizens travelling from Hyderabad to Da Nang in 2022

There is a significant number of people travelling from Hyderabad to Da Nang, which raises the question of whether or not residents of Hyderabad are needed to get a visa for Vietnam in order to enter Da Nang.

In point of fact, Indian citizens who go straight to the island of Phu Quoc are eligible for a 30-day visa exemption from Vietnam. This visa-free policy is only applicable to Indian nationals who go to Phu Quoc using an aircraft that does not transit at any other domestic airports in Vietnam and who are planning to remain for a period of less than 30 days on the island. In addition, Indian nationals who have been granted a visa exemption stamp are only permitted to go to the island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam.

A valid visa is required for passengers travelling from Hyderabad to Da Nang from India. Because airline employees verify visas before allowing passengers to board, Indian citizens who want to visit Vietnam need to be sure they have one before their flight departs from Hyderabad.

Indian citizens in Hyderabad who want to go to Da Nang may apply for a visa to Vietnam online in a straightforward manner. See the explanation down below.

2/ Instructions for Indian nationals flying from Hyderabad to Da Nang in obtaining a visa to enter Vietnam in 2022

In order to get access to the Da Nang airport from Hyderabad, an Indian citizen who has shown interest in travelling to Da Nang is required to be in possession of a valid visa. There are three ways for Indian citizens living in Hyderabad to obtain a Vietnam visa in order to board a flight to Da Nang:

  • Obtain a Vietnam visa from an embassy or consulate of Vietnam in India: There is an embassy of Vietnam in New Delhi and a consulate office of Vietnam in Mumbai, both of which are locations where Indian citizens can go to submit the visa application form. The embassy or consulate of Vietnam is the only official location to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam. If you are an Indian citizen living in Hyderabad and you wish to apply for a visa to Vietnam, you must first visit the Vietnam embassy that is located closest to you and submit an application form. The whole process might take anything from five to seven business days. And then following that, the Indian applicant has the option of either going in person to the embassy or consulate to pick up the visa, or using the postal service to get it.
  • Citizens of India may apply for a visa on arrival to Vietnam at the Da Nang airport in Hyderabad. A visa on arrival is a visa that is acquired at the airport when an Indian traveller arrives in Da Nang. It is also the most convenient alternative for Indians who are in Hyderabad since Indians just need to apply online for the visa acceptance letter prior to travelling from Hyderabad. This makes it an ideal choice for Indians who are in Hyderabad. Indians will be able to get their formal visas upon arrival at the airport in Da Nang.
  • Application for a Vietnam e-Visa to be submitted online by Indian residents living in Hyderabad: E-visas are available for online application for Indian citizens, and those who have one may utilise it to go to Da Nang from Hyderabad. The person holding an Indian passport does not have to go very far in order to apply for a visa via this method, which is a significant benefit. Every step of the process will take place online, and the visa application will be sent to the Indian applicant once three business days have passed.

It is possible for Indian citizens to enter Da Nang airport from Hyderabad with any one of these three kind of visa. Before boarding the trip from Hyderabad to Da Nang, Indian citizens are required to make enough preparations for their visas.

3/ Instructions on how to apply for a visa to Vietnam for citizens of India who are in Hyderabad in 2022

As was mentioned before, there are now up to three methods for Indian citizens to get a visa to enter Vietnam. These options are as follows:

  • Obtain the visa at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in India.
  • Obtain the Vietnam visa upon arrival in Vietnam.
  • Obtain an e-visa (it is good for less than 30 days of stay with single entry).

E-visa is the ideal option for Indians living in Hyderabad, since obtaining a visa on arrival may be difficult owing to COVID 19, obtaining a visa at the embassy can be time-consuming, and applicants may be required to travel a significant distance to do so. We will concentrate on this possibility so that Indians will have an easier time applying for it online.

Prerequisites for obtaining an electronic visa to Vietnam for citizens of India who reside in Hyderabad in 2022

E-visas for Vietnam are available to Indian travellers who plan to remain in Vietnam for less than 30 days and will only be making one entrance. Because the application for this visa may be completed entirely online, Indian citizens in Hyderabad do not need to go to any other locations in order to complete the procedure.

The following are the requirements that need to be met in order to obtain a Vietnam e-visa in Hyderabad if you hold an Indian passport:

  • Indian applicants must be physically present outside of Vietnam and enter the country through one of Vietnam’s 33 accepted entry gates, which includes Da Nang airport.
  • Indians hold a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months following the date of arrival to Vietnam;
  • Indians are not blacklisted due to the violation of Vietnamese laws in the past;
  • Indians do not fall into the cases of suspension from entry prescribed in Article 21 of the Law on foreigners’ entry into, exit from, transit through, and residence in Vietnam.
  • Indians hold a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months following the date of arrival to Vietnam.

How to apply for an electronic visa to Vietnam if you are an Indian citizen in Hyderabad in 2022

Applicants from India in Hyderabad who meet the requirements outlined above may submit an application for an electronic visa to Vietnam in order to travel to Da Nang. The following steps are required to be followed by citizens of India:

Step one is to finish filling out the online application form for an e-visa to Vietnam, which can be found at . A scanned copy of your passport and a current photo of yourself are necessary. The photographs ought to be saved in a JPG or PNG file that is less than 2 megabytes in size. The portrait has to be recent (within the last six months), depict the subject without any kind of eyewear, and have a basic backdrop.

Step 2: Get the application code and make the payment for the service using a credit or debit card;

Step 3: After the application has been processed for three working days, the visa will be sent to you. The next step is to receive an electronic visa, print it off, and present a paper copy of it together with your passport in order to board the airline and get an entrance permission at the entry gates.

Important information on the electronic visa for Vietnam for Indian citizens visiting Da Nang

E-visas are unquestionably an advancement over their paper counterparts in a variety of respects, which is why Vietnam has adopted them. E-visas are legal, convenient, and have straightforward application processes; nonetheless, there are a few challenges that Indian citizens should be aware of. These include the following:

  • Only 30 days are allotted, and only the opportunity to enter the country once is accessible via the e-visa system. Indian travellers who want to extend their stay in Vietnam are required to do a “visa run” by travelling to either Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, or any other third country.
  • The processing period for an e-visa for Vietnam is three business days for citizens of India. Indians are required to identify the entry ports before to submitting an application for an e-visa. Express service may be requested by Indians in the event of an emergency to speed up the procedure. Once an electronic visa has been obtained, it is not feasible to alter the ports of entry.
  • Once an e-visa has been granted, Indian citizens are unable to modify the information that is included on the document. In light of this, it is strongly recommended that Indians examine the details on their visas very carefully to ensure that there is no room for error.
  • During this time period, Indian citizens are unable to get their e-visas extended.

This brings us to the conclusion of our piece on obtaining a visa for Vietnam if you are an Indian citizen travelling from Hyderabad to Da Nang. To summarise, Indian citizens are required to have a valid visa in order to visit Vietnam via Da Nang airport. Additionally, it is highly advised that Indian citizens register for a Vietnam e-visa online in advance of their trip. In the event that you have any more inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at .

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