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Vietnam Visa For Indians Flying From Bangalore to Da Nang in 2022 – Da Nang Visa Requirements For Indians

After Covid-19, Vietnam reopened its borders to Indians and other ethnicities, and it is now safe to visit to Vietnam. There is a direct flight between Bangalore and Da Nang, making it simpler for Indians from Bangalore to go to Vietnam. When visiting Vietnam, Indians must get a visa. Let’s look at the Vietnam visa requirements for Indians and how to acquire a Vietnam visa to travel from Bangalore to Da Nang together!

1/ Do Indians travelling from Bangalore to Da Nang need a visa to enter Vietnam in 2022?

To begin, could you kindly clarify if Indians coming into Da Nang Airport need a Vietnam visa?

Because India is not on the visa exemption list, Indian passport holders must apply for a visa before visiting Da Nang. On the internet, there is some information claiming that Indians do not need to apply for a Vietnam visa. Do not get it incorrect!

Only while visiting Phu Quoc Island, not Da Nang, does Vietnam provide free visas to Indians. If Indian residents arrive in Phu Quoc, Vietnam by international ports (air or sea), remain on the island, and do not go further, they are free from a Vietnam visa for up to 30 days. It is exclusively applicable to Indian visitors visiting Phu Quoc. If Indians go to other locations, such as Da Nang, they must get a visa as normal.

Indians going from Bangalore (Bengaluru) to Da Nang must apply for a visa at least 7 days before departure to ensure that the visa arrives on time. Before allowing Indians to board the trip to Da Nang, the airline workers at Bangalore airport will verify their visas.

2/ What sorts of visas are approved for Indians travelling from Bangalore to Da Nang in 2022?

There are four kinds of visas that enable Indians to travel from Bangalore to Da Nang:

  • Apply for a visa at the Vietnam embassy in New Delhi.
  • Apply for a visa at the Vietnam consulate in Mumbai.
  • Obtain a visa upon arrival at Da Nang International Airport.
  • Obtain an E-visa online

All four categories of visas may be used as tourist or business visas, allowing Indians to lawfully travel from Bangalore (Bengaluru) to Da Nang.

3/ How to Apply for a Vietnam Visa in Bangalore (Bengaluru) in 2022?

The two choices listed above (applying for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnam embassy in New Delhi and applying for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnam consulate in Mumbai) require a long time to complete. Indian applicants in Bangalore must travel a long distance to New Delhi or Mumbai to submit visa application forms and passports, therefore these two options do not make sense for Indians residing in Bangalore.

We will concentrate on the best manner to apply for a Vietnam visa in Bangalore (Bengaluru): apply for a Vietnam visa online!

3.1/ Apply for a Vietnam visa clearance letter online in Bangalore, then pick up your visa at the Da Nang airport.

Da Nang is one of six Vietnamese international airports that offer visa on arrival, hence Indians flying from Bangalore (Bengaluru) to Da Nang may apply for a visa on arrival.

Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) is also known as airport visa. It is beneficial to Indians in Bangalore since it may be applied for online. Visa On Arrival applicants are not required to go to the embassy/consulate or submit any physical papers.

Whether applying for a business or tourist visa in Vietnam, Indians must follow the same requirements outlined below:

Step 1:

Step 2: Obtain the visa acceptance letter through email within 3-7 business days.

Step 3: Gather the necessary papers for boarding a flight to Vietnam, then submit them to a Vietnam Immigration Officer and pay the stamping fee to get a visa stamp at the Vietnam airport.

For Indians, the following papers are required to get a Vietnam visa upon arrival at Da Nang International Airport:

  • the printed permission letter,
  • the original passport,
  • a hard copy of the Entry & Exit form,
  • two passport-sized photographs,
  • cash for the stamping charge

3.2/ Indians apply for a Vietnam e-visa online in Bangalore.

The process for obtaining a visa acceptance letter has become much more onerous after Covid-19. That is why E-visa has become the ideal alternative for Indians travelling from Bangalore to Da Nang.

For Indian nationals, the Vietnam E-visa is a single entry visa that is valid for 30 days. Indians may travel to Da Nang with a Vietnam E-visa since the E-visa can be used to enter Vietnam via Da Nang airport. Indians in Bangalore (Bengaluru) may apply for a Vietnam E-visa entirely online, and visas will be issued in three working days.

To apply for a Vietnam E-visa for Indians in Bangalore, Indians must provide the following two digital documents:

  • A scan of the passport biographical page
  • A freshly photographed portrait

Indians in Bangalore may get a Vietnam E-visa online by following the procedures outlined below:

Step 1: Go to the Vietnam E-visa application page for Indians.

Step 2:

  • Fill out all of the necessary information and attach your passport and picture.
  • Pay the visa service charge in step three.

Step 4: Get your E-visa paperwork through email.

For Indians, the processing time for a Vietnam E-visa is usually three working days. Indians in a hurry might seek expedited processing to receive their visas sooner. Indians may better prepare for visa flights from Bangalore to Da Nang this way.

Vietnam E-visa is currently the ideal option for Indians to apply for a Vietnam visa since it is quick and easy. Indians flying from Bangalore (Bengaluru) or any other city in India to Vietnam may also apply for an E-visa.

The e-visa must be printed as a physical copy, and Indians must submit this visa together with their original passport while landing at Da Nang airport. The immigration agents will verify the Indian passport and stamp it with a visa stamp valid for 30 days with a single entry.

For further information on Vietnam visas for Indians flying from Bangalore to Da Nang, please contact us at . We will keep you up to speed on the current Vietnam visa and entrance criteria for Indians. We hope you found this information informative; thank you for reading!

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