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Vietnam Visa For Indians Flying Between Ahmedabad and Ho Chi Minh in 2022 – Vietnam Visa For Indians Entering Tan Son Nhat Airport

Indian passport holders need a visa for admission into Vietnam, particularly when travelling to Tan Son Nhat airport – Ho Chi Minh. How can Indians get a Vietnam visa in Ahmedabad? Which visas are valid for Indian citizens travelling from Ahmedabad to Ho Chi Minh City? Can Indians get visas in Tan Son Nhat? This post will elaborate on the Vietnam visa requirements for Indians flying from Ahmedabad to Ho Chi Minh City.

1/ Vietnam visa for Indians visiting Vietnam through Tan Son Nhat International Airport in 2022

When an Indian citizen from Ahmedabad wishes to go to Ho Chi Minh for business or pleasure, a Vietnam entrance visa is necessary. This visa is regarded to be an individual visa.

Depending on the kind of visa, Indians may visit Ho Chi Minh for a tour, self-travel, visiting friends or family, doing business in the nation, pursuing education, or even finding employment. The validity of a Vietnam visa for Indians and the length of their stay vary based on the kind of visa.

Vietnam visas for Indians entering the country through Tan Son Nhat airport may be granted online or offline. Online-obtained Vietnam visas for Indians are only valid for a single entrance and 30 days. If Indians want a Vietnam visa for a longer duration, they must submit their application offline.

Indian passport holders visiting Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat airport must get a visa displaying the entrance gate as “Tan Son Nhat international airport – Ho Chi Minh.” Please note that Indians will not be permitted to enter Ho Chi Minh City from Ahmedabad if their visa specifies a different entry airport.

2/ How may Indians get a Vietnam visa to travel from Ahmedabad to Ho Chi Minh City in 2022?

Indians travelling from Ahmedabad to Ho Chi Minh City have two options when applying for a Vietnam visa:

  • Apply offline for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnam embassy in New Delhi or the Vietnam consulate in Mumbai
  • Apply Vietnam visa online

Prior to applying for a Vietnam visa, Indians travelling from Ahmedabad to Ho Chi Minh must meet all qualifying requirements. Indians must have a passport valid for at least six months and a digital photograph.

a/ Procedure for filing a Vietnam visa application offline at the Vietnamese embassy in New Delhi or the Vietnamese consulate in Mumbai for Indians:

Indians must be ready:

  • Complete the visa application form carefully.
  • Include a current image.
  • Obtain all of the documentation that are asked by the authorities.
  • Sign the application.
  • Submit the application together with any required documentation.
  • Pay the needed visa costs for Vietnam.

Due to the distance between Ahmedabad and New Delhi or Mumbai, we do not advise Indians to apply for a Vietnam visa at the embassy or consulate.

b/ Procedure to apply for a Vietnam visa online for Indian citizens in Ahmedabad:

Visas for Vietnam may be requested online. Indian passport holders may access the visa application form and submit a visa request, receiving a visa decision within three business days. This online option is quite handy, since Indians do not need to go far to submit a visa application, nor do they need to prepare any supporting papers.

Online visa application procedures for Indians in Ahmedabad.

There are a few things that must be attended to while filling out the application form. The information must be accurate and correspond with that on the travel document. If any of the material is shown to be untrue, erroneous, or unverifiable, there is a possibility that the application may be deemed inadmissible and perhaps even refused.

When Indian candidates complete the online application form, their documents will be validated and their applications will be processed. Indians will be awarded a Vietnam e-visa after the Vietnamese Immigration or Embassy has completed the required steps.

Indians travelling from Ahmedabad to Ho Chi Minh may utilise a visa purchased online since Tan Son Nhat airport is one of 37 entry points that accept E-visas. Please choose the right entrance gate as “Tan Son Nhat airport” while flying to Ho Chi Minh City from India.

3/ Types of Vietnam Visas for Indian Passengers Flying from Ahmedabad to Ho Chi Minh

Indians may get many types of Vietnam visas to travel to Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. On the basis of the purpose of the visit, visas will be separated primarily into tourist visas and business visas.

3.1/ Vietnam Tourist Visa for Indians Flying to Ho Chi Minh City

Indians who want to visit Vietnam for the express purpose of tourism are awarded a Vietnam tourist visa. This is mostly supplied to Indian travellers who wish to visit Vietnam for sightseeing and other recreational activities.

Indian travellers wishing to go to Ho Chi Minh from Ahmedabad may apply for a Vietnam tourist visa. After entering Ho Chi Minh, Indians are free to travel throughout Vietnam.

To get a Vietnam tourist visa, Indians need just choose “tourist purpose” while applying for a visa online.

3.2/ Vietnam Business Visa for Indian travellers to Ho Chi Minh City

Indian business travellers who want to conduct business operations in Vietnam are issued a Vietnam business visa. Indian businesspeople may also apply for a Vietnam business visa for a brief business trip, such as visiting the market, signing a contract, or attending a conference.

To enter Ho Chi Minh for business purposes from Ahmedabad, Indian businesspeople need a Vietnam business visa. The business visa will be utilised for work trips, although Indians may also visit Vietnam for pleasure.

When applying online for a Vietnam visa, Indians need just choose “business purpose” to get a Vietnam business visa.

In summary, Indians wishing to travel from Ahmedabad to Ho Chi Minh City must apply for a Vietnam visa. The visa application procedure may be completed offline or online, although it is suggested that Indians apply for a Vietnam visa online due to its simplicity and convenience. Importantly, you must ensure that your visa application is filed in plenty of time for processing to be completed on time.

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