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Urgent Vietnam Electronic Visa for Indian Nationals in 2022 | E-visa for Vietnam As a Quick and Safe Passage in Case of Emergency

Indian nationals in need of a visa to Vietnam quickly can use the expedited online option we offer. Indian nationals in dire need of entering Vietnam might benefit from this expedited online visa service. We guarantee that you won’t be able to cancel your trip to Vietnam thanks to our exclusive service. Within 1 business hour, you’ll have Indian’s E-visa ready so you may fly into Vietnam and get straight to business. This post will explain in detail how Indian citizens may quickly obtain an electronic visa for Vietnam.

1/ When would an Indian national require a “Urgent Vietnam E-visa service?”

Since India is not on Vietnam’s visa exemption list, Indian citizens will need to apply for a visa in order to enter the country. Some Indians, however, fail to properly plan ahead for their visas, forcing them to request for an emergency visa to Vietnam.

Many people in India applying for visas to Vietnam don’t realise that they’ll need to provide proof of visa approval before they can go there. In light of this information, Indian citizens are advised to apply for a Vietnam e-visa as soon as possible.

  • There is very little time left for Indian candidates who neglected to register for a Vietnam e-visa and are now scrambling to do so. Indian nationals need to apply for an electronic visa to Vietnam immediately.
  • A common misconception among Indian visa applicants is that they may just show up at the airport upon arrival in Vietnam and be issued a visa without any prior preparation or paperwork. Remember that Indian citizens need an approval letter in order to get a visa on arrival in Vietnam. Indian needs an emergency Vietnam e-visa since he cannot board the airline or receive a visa upon arrival without the clearance letter.
  • Applicants from India are having trouble submitting their e-visa applications through the government’s official portal, and they have no way of getting in touch with the e-visa support service. When time is of the essence and an e-visa has not yet arrived, Indian citizens must apply for a “Rush Vietnam E-visa.”
  • When an Indian citizen has an unexpected travel to Vietnam planned but no visa is in place, they will need to apply for an Expedited Vietnam E-visa.
  • Indian aspirants are required to take part in a time-sensitive business trip to Vietnam. Indian nationals need to apply for an expedited Vietnam e-visa online.

2/ How long does it take to get an emergency Vietnam e-visa for an Indian?

Indian citizens may expect a processing period of at least three business days for their Vietnam e-visa. As a result of the scrutiny required by immigration authorities, the processing time for an Indian visa might range from 5-10 business days.

If an Indian citizen needs a Vietnam E-visa in less than three business days, they must apply for it using the expedited service. India has a few immediate choices:

1 working hour service (Last minute Vietnam E-visa process for Indian):

The easiest way for Indians to obtain a Vietnam e-visa is through the 1-hour service (last-minute processing). In order to obtain a Vietnam E-visa in a timely manner, Indian citizens can use this service. This service is ideal for Indian nationals who want a SUPER URGENT VIETNAM E-VISA in order to board their flight.

2 working hours service (Emergency Vietnam E-visa process for Indian):

This expedited Vietnam e-visa service for Indians allows them to receive their visa decision in only two business hours. Last-minute flight changes or other unforeseen circumstances necessitate this expedited service, which is available for Indian nationals in need of an e-visa to Vietnam in as little as four business days.

4 working hours service (Rush Vietnam E-visa process for Indian):

Indian nationals can utilise this service to apply for a Vietnam e-visa if they are not in a haste. Using this expedited Vietnam e-visa service, Indian citizens may expect to receive their visa approval in as little as four business hours. It is OK for Indian citizens who have purchased airline tickets but not yet received their visa.

1 working day service (Expedited Vietnam E-visa process for Indian)

Indians may now have their Vietnam visas approved in as little as one business day with the aid of the expedited Vietnam e-visa service. This is great news for those Indian citizens in need of a Vietnam visa before their flight to Vietnam tomorrow.

2 working day service (Express Vietnam E-visa process for Indian)

This is a great choice for Indians planning a trip to Vietnam more than three days from now who need to ensure they receive their Vietnam E-visa in plenty of time. When an Indian citizen applies for this expedited service, their visa will be approved in just 2 business days.

When applying for an urgent E-visa to Vietnam from India, it is crucial to check the time in Vietnam at the time of your application. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Vietnam time, GMT+7) is when electronic visas for Vietnam are approved.

Indians applying for an urgent Vietnam visa online will be given an estimated time of arrival for their visa decision. As visa applicants from India, you must select the best applicable choice.

3/ Can I have my Vietnam e-visa processed quickly on a Saturday or Sunday?

As a reminder, the Vietnam Immigration Department is closed for two days every weekend (Saturday and Sunday). No weekend processing of Vietnam e-visa applications.

When it comes to getting a Vietnam visa, the quickest turnaround time is on Monday morning for Indian citizens who submit their applications over the weekend.

4/ How much does it cost to get a Vietnam e-visa in a hurry if you’re an Indian citizen?

In fact, the quicker you need something, the more you’ll have to spend for it. There is a premium of $30 USD – $170 USD for the expedited Vietnam e-visa service for Indian citizens, depending on how quickly they require the visa. All express services that have an additional price will be shown when you access the Vietnam E-visa application page.

When travelling from India, we recommend applying for a Vietnam e-visa at least 10 days in advance. Indian nationals who apply for a Vietnam e-visa in the next several months won’t have to shell out extra money for the expedited service. The urgent E-visa charge for Vietnam is quite hefty. There is still time for Indian to rearrange their trip to give themselves more time to obtain a Vietnam visa if they find themselves in a similar predicament. We’re prepared to do anything we can to assist you if Indian Airlines is unable to reschedule your journey.

5/ Submit an urgent application for electronic visa to Vietnam from India 2022.

The following instructions are for Indian nationals who wish to apply for an urgent visa to Vietnam using the expedited service.

First, make sure you know when the flight leaves and when it is now in Vietnam.

Prior to boarding, airlines will verify that visas are in order. That’s why Indians need to check the time in Vietnam and see how much time they have left to apply for an urgent Vietnam e-visa (1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours).

The second step is to apply for an electronic visa to Vietnam.

In order to apply for an urgent Vietnam E-visa, interested parties can fill out and submit an online application form at any time at . It is the responsibility of the Indian to fill out the form with the necessary information and double-check it before submitting it.

Express service will be displayed in the form once the entering airport has been selected. In this stage, Indians need to select the urgent care option that best fits their needs.

Following that, you’ll need to provide the email address you registered with in order to obtain your visa result and upload your passport photo.

Payment is the third step.

Indians applying for a Vietnam visa in a hurry must pay the expedited visa cost after completing the online application and selecting the Vietnam E-visa fast option. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted through PayPal, and bank transfers are also accepted.

Indian will get a confirmation email at the address provided in the visa application form after the payment procedure is complete.

Get an electronic visa for Vietnam online for Indian citizen.

We’ll get the visa ready and send it out to the consulate or embassy, depending on the service you booked. If you need an urgent visa for Vietnam, you must provide an email address where you may receive emails in order to receive notification of your visa’s approval.

Travelers from India can board an aircraft with just a phone showing clearance for an electronic visa in an emergency. Passport holders from India should, if possible, get a physical copy of their E-visa stamped into their passport.

We recently found out about the emergency service to acquire an E-visa for Vietnam for Indians. Please email us at or send us a message via whatsapp/zalo/wechat at +84938878624 if you have any more questions concerning the Vietnam E-visa application process or if you have any inquiries regarding urgent visa applications. As soon as we get your message, we’ll get back to you.

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