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How To Obtain A Vietnam Visa For Indians In Mumbai 2022 – Application Instructions From Mumbai

Indians from Mumbai are increasingly travelling to Vietnam in great numbers. Vietnam is an attractive travel destination for Indians since it provides a fresh location for vacationing, seeing new cultures, and mingling with nice people. However, Indians travelling to Vietnam need an entrance visa. How can Indians apply for a Vietnam visa in Mumbai? What are the criteria for obtaining a Vietnam visa in Mumbai? We shall go deeper into this topic in this post.

1/ How to Obtain a Vietnam Visa in Mumbai for Indians in 2022

There are two primary methods for Indians in Mumbai to get a Vietnam visa:

1.1/ Submit a visa application at the Vietnamese Consulate in Mumbai

Indians may apply for a Vietnamese visa immediately at the Vietnamese consulate in Mumbai. This office offers visa services for Vietnam to both Indian passport holders and international residents of Mumbai.

The processing period for a Vietnam visa directly applied for at the Vietnam consulate in Mumbai is between 7 and 10 working days, provided that all required papers are attached. The required papers for Indians to apply for a Vietnam visa are as follows:

  • Vietnam Visa application form
  • One passport-sized photograph (4cm x 6cm)
  • Cover letter describing the objective of the visit
  • Hotel bookings with contact information
  • Confirmed return plane ticket
  • Current bank account during the last three months
  • Proof that Indians have the funds for the trip (at least VND 23,000,00)
  • Indian Travel Document

1.2/ Online Vietnam visa application for Indians

The easiest approach for Indians to apply for a Vietnam visa is online. This procedure is entirely online, allowing Indians in Mumbai and other places to complete their visas online.

Indians in Mumbai may apply for a Vietnam visa online by visiting the website and submitting an online visa application. It is as easy as the following steps:

  • Complete the application form online at . Verify that the fields for Name, Passport Number, Date of Birth, Gender, and Nationality are complete and correspond to the information in your passport.
  • Verify your information again. Then, pay the visa charge with any major credit card, including Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.
  • Your Visa Application has been sent to the Vietnamese Immigration Department and will be handled soon. Within three business days, you will get an email confirmation with your visa. This visa must be printed out and carried with you.
  • You must submit your printed visa and passport upon arrival at Vietnam entry gates (including airports, border landports, and seaports). The Vietnamese immigration officer will examine your paperwork and then affix an entrance stamp to your passport.

2/ Instructions for Applying for a Vietnam Visa in Mumbai in 2022

Although there are two options for Indians in Mumbai to get a Vietnam visa, we encourage that they apply for their visa online.

Indian applicants must visit the Vietnamese consulate in Mumbai at least twice in order to get a visa. Consequently, a trip to the consulate will consume a great deal of time (for submitting visa application and getting result). Additionally, the administrative processes at the Vietnam consulate in Mumbai would exhaust you. Obtaining a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese consulate in Mumbai necessitates the submission of a plethora of sophisticated paperwork, which Indians must prepare with great care. Lastly, the processing period for obtaining a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese consulate in Mumbai is lengthy.

Indians in Mumbai may apply for a Vietnam visa online from the comfort of their own homes by visiting the application website using internet-enabled devices and submitting a visa application request without having to go far. The online application for a Vietnam visa for Indians requires simply a scan of the applicant’s passport and a digital picture, which may be quickly prepared. Indians in Mumbai may apply for a visa to Vietnam online in a very short amount of time, allowing them to adequately plan their trip.

In conclusion, Indians in Mumbai may submit visa applications in person at the Vietnam consulate in Mumbai, or apply online. Vietnam visa online will be superior due to its advantageous characteristics. Indians may contact us by email at for more information regarding Vietnam visa applications in Mumbai.

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