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Check Out The Fast Track Service At Da Nang International Airport

Da Nang city is popular for its great sense of community and the local’s hospitality for travelers to Vietnam. Therefore, this city has attracted increasing tourists over the years. However, as an emerging new tourist spot, there are some inconveniences that you have to deal with in Da Nang, for example, the long and complicated processes at airports. So how to overcome this difficulty? Check out our post on the fast track service at Da Nang International Airport for further details.

How does the fast track service at Da Nang International Airport work?

Since the current situation of time-costing procedures is still a significant problem to Vietnam tourism, which cannot be fully addressed at the moment, the fast track service appears as an ultimate approach for tourists. The fast track service serves all the passengers landing at the Da Nang International airport.

Stage 01 of fast track service at Da Nang International Airport: Meet & Greet

In precise, there will be staff from your fast track service meeting you up at the Landing Visa Counter once you arrive at the airport with a welcoming board with your name on it.

Nothing can compare with a welcoming meet and greet from someone in a strange country that you first set foot on.

He or she will also be the one guiding you through the whole airport process, from obtaining your arrival visa to the final security check.

Stage 02 of fast track service at Da Nang International Airport: Visa Procedures

The visa procedures, particularly for the visa on arrival applicants, are the most considerable issue at any airport. It is not an exception at Da Nang airport.

However, with the assistance of the fast track service, you can relax and let the staff help you on your behalf. The process of obtaining a visa will be completely handled by the staff, in which you only need to provide them all the needed documents (such as your passport, visa approval letter, etc.) as well as pay for the stamping fee. Compared to the 1-hour process as usual, you now only have to spend around 05 to 10 minutes to finalize all your visa procedures, which is obviously more time-saving.

Stage 03 of fast track service at Da Nang International Airport: Immigration Check And Customs

The reason why fast track service at Da Nang International Airport is highly appreciated coming from its thoughtfulness. As long as tourists are officially approved to enter Vietnam, the service would not come to an end. In other words, the final stage of airport procedures, which is migration and safety authorization, is also taken care of by the service staff.

Additional services of fast track service at Da Nang International Airport

Apart from these mentioned above support of the fast track service, tourists can take advantage of useful additional services such as luggage porter and a pick-up car to eliminate all the undesirable risks at the airport like carrying heavy items or cannot catch a taxi.

Tourists waiting at the section for baggage reclaim in Da Nang International Airport.

Why should tourists choose the fast track service at Da Nang International Airport?

As the fast track service costs some additional fee to the trip, many tourists may hesitate whether they should pay for the service. Below are some reasons for your consideration.

Like any other international airports in Vietnam, Da Nang airport’s visa counter is always full of tourists for the visa procedures…

Therefore, the fast track service really works out for anyone, from… 

If you are an elderly and a disabled person

Since the airport is always busy, it is not very easy to find help from the surrounding. Therefore, why not be well-prepared for yourself and your family by having the professional from the fast track service. Not only they will help you to receive your visa stamping on the passport faster, but also they can provide further and appropriate support with baggage porters and the pick-up car service. Suffering from lining up to more than an hour maybe exhausting to the elderly and disabled, so the service is more than just helpful.

Disabled person…

If you are a pregnant woman or travel with your children

Nothing can’t hold a candle to traveling with your beloved. And if you are pregnant or a new mom with your kids, the fast track service is surely a wise choice since the visa collecting process is quite inconvenient for you and your baby. Not to mention that the huge items of luggage required for the whole family may become really challenging at the airport why you have to carry all of them while looking after your children at the same time. Why don’t let the fast-track service lend your family a hand for the best experience at Da Nang International Airport?

Pregnant lady…

If you are a businessman or a celebrity

It is profoundly understood that as a businessman or a celebrity, you are always in a rush and have no time to spend on unnecessary tasks. You also want to make sure that you can enjoy the best service and protect your privacy from many people staring at you at the airport.

The fast track service can definitely live up with your expectation and offer a comfortable and time-saving process.

To businessmen…

If you are a first-time traveler to Vietnam

Everything can be brand new and completely strange to the first-time traveler. No matter how well you research for the visa procedures, it could turn out to be much more complicated than your imagination. Don’t worry about having someone to assist you in going through the process. You can also learn from the staff’s experiences and try it yourself in the future. Also, you are able to have more time to explore your stunning destination.

And first-time travelers to Vietnam.

How to opt for the fast track service at Da Nang International Airport?

Saying yes to the fast track service at Da Nang International Airport yet still wonder how to opt for this amazing service? Here is a detailed guide for you.

Stage 01 of opting for the fast track service at Da Nang International Airport: Registering online

When applying for the visa on arrival, you can also book for the fast track service in advance. Do not forget to take a look at additional requests on luggage porters or pick-up cars in case you really need it at the airport.

The service fee usually ranges from US $20 to approximately US $35, varying on your agency’s reputation and number of services that you have chosen.

Stage 01 of opting for the fast track service at Da Nang International Airport: Arriving at Da Nang International Airport

The moment you arrive at Da Nang International Airport, there is nothing you need to worry about. Just simply look for the service staff and let he or she guide you through the whole remaining process.

Summary on the fast track service at Da Nang International Airport

Since the fast track service at Da Nang International Airport is considered convenient, affordable and time-saving, as well as many given positive reviews from previous tourists, it is a service that is highly suggested to pay for, especially for the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women, first-time travelers or anyone who simply long to faster process.

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