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Advantages Of The On-arrival Visa Fast Track Service At Cat Bi International Airport And How To Opt For The Service

Along with Noi Bai Airport, Cat Bi International Airport, located in Hai Phong coastal city, is the main force to serve passengers, both domestic and international, in the region of northern Vietnam. Thanks to the tremendous growth of Vietnam international tourism in recent years, the airport has witnessed the emergence of many new and helpful services for tourists. One of those is the on-arrival service support, which has received a lot of positive reviews from customers. So what is the on-arrival visa fast track service at Cat Bi International Airport, what are the service’s advantages and how to opt for the service? Check out our latest blog for further details.

About Hai Phong city and Cat Bi International Airport

Hai Phong is a staggering coastal city towards the northern part of Vietnam, well-known for the solemn antique shrines, temples, mausoleums, and pagodas, as well as the imposing natural landscape. The city has enormously captured visitors around the globe to come and explore its beauty, suggested by the increasing passengers at Cai Bi International Airport throughout every year.

Cat Bi is a key international airport, serving not only Hai Phong city but also the whole northern region of Vietnam.

It was recorded that two million tourists visited the airport last year, with most of them being foreigners, who must obtain a valid Vietnam visa to enter the country. Therefore, the crowded and busy scene at Cai Bi airport is no longer strange to tourists. The airport formalities, accordingly, is slower due to the overloaded number of people. If you do not want to waste your time on these procedures, take a look at the on-arrival visa fast track service at Cat Bi International Airport better.

The on-arrival visa fast track service at Cat Bi International Airport: A new yet helpful means to obtain your visa faster

Because of alternative policy adjustments by the Vietnam government, tourists now can freely apply for a visa on arrival and officially get their visa stamp at all international airports in Vietnam, including Cat Bi airport.

Vietnam visa on arrival has gained in growing popularity among international tourists.

However, the procedures may be lengthy and complicated as there is often a long line of customers waiting in front of the visa counter. If you, unfortunately, arrive on a busy day of Cat Bi airport, you may end up standing for hours, which is hugely nightmarish to embark on your journey in Vietnam. This is especially true in case you head to Hai Phong city during the peak season of travel like summer and holidays.

During peak time, Cat Bi International Airport is full of incoming and outgoing passengers.

The on-arrival fast track service can accompany you with getting rid of these hassles. By purchasing the service, you no longer have to spend hours queuing at the visa desk and be able to get out of the airport much faster.

Here’s what you can expect from the visa fast track service at Cai Bi International Airport:

  • After arriving at the airport, there will be an assigned task from your service agency waiting for you at the aircraft gate.
  • He or she will support you towards the visa procedures.
  • You should be well-prepared and hand over the staff all necessary documents (including your passport and visa approval letter).
  • The staff will directly process your visa and come back after only a few minutes with your visa sticker.
  • Head to the Passport Control office following the guidance of the staff and provide the officer your passport for your visa stamping.

Advantages of the on-arrival visa fast track service at Cat Bi International Airport

The service is highly recommended to everyone who does not want to get stuck at Cat Bi airport for several hours due to the visa procedures.

Save more times for your trip or business

No need to explain more about how much time you can save for exploring beautiful Vietnam or your business. When opting for the on-arrival visa fast track service at Cai Bi International Airport, you can bypass the long waiting line at the visa counter.

More precisely, it would typically take at least 40 minutes for each passenger to get their visa stamped upon passports. However, with the assistance of the professional service staff, you can shorten the process down to only 05 to 10 minutes. Particularly for those taking a long flight or arriving at midnight, standing and waiting for hours may be really frustrating and exhausting.

Further support services

Along with that, you can also take advantage of the on-arrival visa fast track service at the baggage claim section as well as preparing transportation for yourself. You do not have to carry all of your bulky items around the transport anymore. In addition, instead of waiting for a taxi, you now have your personal pick-up car driver will be ready and wait for you right at the aircraft gate, who is willing to take you to your final destination with an amiable attitude.

Appropriate support for the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women, and families with children

With all of the above benefits, in some instances for the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women, and families with their children can significantly reduce stress during the airport formalities. Such problems of heavy luggage or a long time of continuously standing in line will be eliminated entirely.

The service staff always provide appropriate support to passengers in a timely and professional manner.

How to opt for the on-arrival visa fast track service at Cat Bi International Airport

Many people assume that registering the service is really complicated due to the lots of required information and other things. In fact, it is not challenging at all. You only need your phone or computer and access to the Internet to book the on-arrival visa fast track service at Cai Bi International Airport.

As long as you have access to the Internet, you can book the on-arrival service support at Cai Bi International Airport by yourself really quickly.

Step 1: Fill in the online form

When applying for your Vietnam visa on arrival, you can further look up whether your agency provides the on-arrival fast track service at Cat Bi International Airport. If yes, you only need to fill in the agency’s online form.

The needed information only revolves around your personal data (your full name, passport number, etc.) and information of your flight to Vietnam (flight number, arrival date and time, etc.) for the staff’s preparation.

In case you want to use the additional services (baggage porter or pick-up car), please do not forget to book them in advance when registering the on-arrival service support at Cat Bi International Airport.

Step 2: Online payment

Ultimately, you only need to pay for the service fee online. The on-arrival service support at Cat Bi International Airport usually costs around US $20 to US $35, depending on your agency’s reputation and the number of additional services. When finalizing the online payment step, you can relax and look forward to your fantastic trip to Hai Phong city as well as Vietnam.

Key takeaway on the on-arrival visa fast track service at Cat Bi International Airport

The on-arrival visa fast track service at Cai BI International Airport has successfully completed its mission to make the airport formalities less stressful yet more time-saving to passengers around the world traveling to Da Nang. At an extremely affordable service fee, you can enjoy such an exclusive service that really works out in assisting you through the complex procedures at the airport. So why don’t you make your own decision to purchase the service? Hope you will find the on-arrival visa fast track service as your helpful companion to begin your trip to explore Hai Phong city and Vietnam.


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