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Vietnam E-visa for Flying to Can Tho Airport 2023 – How To Apply Vietnam E-visa To Enter Can Tho Airport

Foreigners entering Vietnam via Can Tho airport can follow these instructions. This page provides Vietnam E-visa information for travelers entering through Can Tho airport, including:

  • Can you use Vietnam E-visa at Can Tho airport?
  • Can Tho Airport E-visa information
  • How to get a Vietnam e-visa for Can Tho Airport
  • Can Tho airport admission requirements
  • Fast Track service at Can Tho airport

1/ Can I use Vietnam E-visa to visit Can Tho airport 2023?

All candidates may apply for a Vietnam E-visa starting in March 2022. E-visas may only be utilized at particular Vietnam entry gates. Can E-visa holders access Can Tho airport?

In reality, Vietnam reinstated all E-visa restrictions, including entrance gates. Can Tho airport is one of 8 international airports that accept E-visas. E-visa holders may enter Vietnam via Can Tho airport.

Important: To enter Vietnam via Can Tho airport, the E-visa entrance gate must say “Can Tho airport.” If you utilize a separate E-visa entrance gate, you can’t fly to Can Tho.

2/ Vietnam e-visa at Can Tho Airport 2023

E-visa for Can Tho airport is a 30-day single-entry visa. When applying for a Vietnam E-visa online, specify your entrance and leave dates. This E-visa expires when you leave Vietnam.

E-visa for entry Can Tho airport can’t be used at other airports.

Can Tho airport E-visa processing takes 3 business days. Use the urgent service to expedite your Vietnam E-visa in case of need. E-visa may be authorized in 1 day or 2 hours.

The airline will ask for your passport and E-visa before your flight to Can Tho. No E-visa means no boarding. Before travelling to Can Tho airport, you should have E-visa.

3/ Vietnam e-visa application for entering Can Tho Airport 2023

Foreign travelers travelling into May Tho airport can get a Vietnam E-visa easily. All steps are done online by filling out the Visa application form, and approval is sent to the applicant. Make sure Can Tho airport is listed correctly on visa application.

Step 1: Online Vietnam E-visa application

Visit to apply

Step 2: Complete the visa application form with personal and visa details.

Please enter via “Can Tho airport” as entry gate.

Step 3: Upload passport and picture

You must send a passport information page and picture. Visa application must include all documentation.

Step 4: Review and pay

Pay online after reviewing all visa details. After payment, you’ll get a confirmation email.

Vietnam E-visa will be granted and sent after processing (3 days for regular service, 1 day for urgent service). Print it and ready to travel to Can Tho airport.

4/ Can Tho airport entrance criteria 2023

All Covid-19 entry restrictions were eliminated in May 2022.

  • You DON’T NEED to undergo quarantine while entering Can Tho airport with E-visa.
  • You DON’T NEED Covid-19 vaccination to access Can Tho airport with E-visa
  • You DON’T NEED a Covid-19 negative test to enter Can Tho airport with E-visa.
  • You DO NOT need Covid-19 insurance to access Can Tho airport.
  • You DON’T NEED Covid-19 medical declaration while entering Can Tho airport with E-visa.

When arriving at Can Tho airport, produce these documents:

  • Passport with over 6-month validity
  • Vietnam E-visa showing “Can Tho airport” as entrance gate

5/ Can Tho airport Fast Track service for international travelers 2023

Can Tho airport is often busy since reopening to travelers. The passport control line takes 30 minutes. When several visitors arrive at once, it might take longer. Non-rush people have no difficulty. But for those who take a long trip, it might be uncomfortable.

Can Tho airport has an assistance service that lets you accomplish entrance in 5 minutes. This service lets you enter Vietnam swiftly.

Fast-track service at Can Tho airport:

  • You’ll be picked up by airport officials and checked in via VIP land.
  • Airport employees will assist you complete entry process in 5 minutes

How to book Can Tho airport Fast Track 2023?

You may add fast track service to your Vietnam E-visa application at . Choose “On Arrival Help” as an add-on service, and we’ll support you at Can Tho airport.

Fast-track service requires flight information. Please provide the correct flight details so we can pick you up.

We just learned about Vietnam E-visas for entering Can Tho airport, entrance criteria, and Fast Track service. For further information, email us at .

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