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How to Apply for Electronic Visa to Enter Vietnam Through Hon Gai Seaport by Cruise Ships in 2023

These days, taking a cruise is a great experience that a lot of people who are visiting from other countries desire to have, particularly on the route that combines Vietnam. There are a lot of cruises that go along the coast of Vietnam, and they could stop at a few different port towns along the route. Many international passengers want to know whether or not they need a visa for Vietnam in order to disembark the ship at any of these ports. How to get an electronic visa for Vietnam while visiting the Hon Gai seaport on a cruise vacation. In this particular scenario, what kind of visa would be most appropriate? Let’s go through it using this article as a guide!

1/ For the cruise vacation to Hon Gai seaport in 2023, do you need a visa for Vietnam?

Paying attention to visa requirements is something that cruise tour passengers need to do. Only citizens of 24 countries are exempt from needing a visa to visit Vietnam until 2023. The following is a detailed list:

To enter Vietnam, most international visitors are required to have a valid visa, regardless of the mode of transportation they use to get there (by land, air, or cruise ship). You are needed to obtain a valid visa in order to enter Hon Gai if you are traveling to Vietnam by cruise ship. This is a requirement that cannot be avoided. This visa has to be secured in advance, or it may be applied for while traveling on the cruise.

On the other hand, the electronic visa for Vietnam is now available. This form of visa is one that can be filed for online, and applications may be submitted from any location using equipment that provides internet connectivity. It makes obtaining a visa to access the Hon Gai seaport simpler for cruise passengers.

2/ What kind of Vietnam e-visa is appropriate for taking a cruise to the port of Hon Gai?

Visa holders who have obtained a Vietnam E-visa are permitted to enter Vietnam by any of the country’s airports, landports, or seaports. E-visas are available for use by visitors from other countries who will be entering Vietnam to embark on a cruise to Hon Gai. When applying for a visa to enter Vietnam electronically, it is essential that you choose the correct port of entry.

If you want to avoid having your entry into Vietnam after getting off a cruise to be denied, make sure that on the E-visa application form you choose “Hon Gai seaport” as your entry point.

The Vietnam E-visa only allows for a single entrance and is valid for a maximum of 30 days. Make certain that you just book a single admission on the cruise that you choose.

If the cruise makes stops in different cities in Vietnam, does this count as numerous visits to the country?

The majority of cruises operating along the coast of Vietnam make stops at many ports. Will the number of cities you visit in Vietnam determine whether or not you are classified as having one entry or many entries? How can they apply for numerous visas if the ticket allows multiple entries?

In point of fact, even if the cruise ship docks at many seaports in Vietnam while it is there, each stop is only counted as one visit. The port of entrance will be the first seaport of entry, and the port of departure will be the last seaport visited throughout this trip. You are exempt from the need to apply for a multiple entry visa. In this scenario, the electronic visa for a single entrance will be sufficient.

3/ How can I apply for Vietnam electronic visa to go on a cruise to Hon Gai in 2023?

As was just said, it is now possible to get a Vietnam E-visa using the internet. This visa may be used when accessing the port of Hon Gai via ship, and the application process can be completed quickly and efficiently online.

You will need the following papers in order to apply for an electronic visa to enter Vietnam in order to take a cruise that departs from the port of Hon Gai:

  • A scan of your passport that is not older than six months old
  • A personal photograph (recently taken, not wearing glasses)

Please follow these procedures in order to submit your application for a cruise trip Vietnam E-visa online:

Step 1: Access the electronic visa application for Vietnam.

To begin the online application for a visa, click on the link provided.

Step 2: Complete the form with all of the necessary information.

Choose all of your personal information as well as the details for your visa. In the box labeled “Port of Arrival,” choose “travel by ship” and the “Hon Gai seaport” option.

Step 3: Provide your picture and passport information. When applying for a Vietnam e-visa, you are required to upload a copy of the information page from your passport. Additionally, you are required to upload a photo of yourself.

Step 4: Make Payment and Obtain Confirmation

After you have paid the required cost for a Vietnam visa, the application procedure for the visa will be finished. E-visa approval will be provided to the email address that was recorded on the E-visa application form when the processing period has passed (which is three working days for normal service and one working day for urgent service). You need to give every piece of information a thorough examination to ensure that it is accurate.

It is strongly suggested that you print out a printed copy of the E-visa approval before traveling. When going through the procedure of entering Vietnam, you will need to demonstrate that you have a valid Vietnam E-visa.

4/ A travel guide for passengers going to Hon Gai via cruise ship

When taking a trip to Hon Gai, there are a few important considerations that you will need to keep in mind.

  • Keep your passport and visa for Vietnam with you at all times while you are disembarking the cruise ship in Vietnam. You may be required to present these.
  • In the event that the cruise makes numerous stops in Vietnamese ports, you will be able to get the entrance visa at the first port, but you will be required to announce your departure at the last port.
  • You are required to present your passport and visa to border control officials at each and every stop between the first and final ports that you visit.
  • As Vietnam has eliminated all entry restrictions against COVID-19 for foreigners in general, you will not be required to present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test if you are going to Vietnam on a cruise.

We have recently finished providing tourists who are taking a cruise excursion to Hon Gai with the information that pertains to the Vietnam E-visa, which includes the Vietnam visa requirements, the entrance criteria, and the application processes for the Vietnam E-visa. Please feel free to contact us by email at if you have any more questions on the Vietnam visa requirements for cruise tours to Hon Gai.

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