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Guide to Obtaining an Electronic Visa for Entry into Vietnam for Travelers Using Cat Bi Airport in 2023

The following is guidance for foreign visitors entering Vietnam through Cat Bi International Airport. If you want to visit Vietnam via Cat Bi International Airport, this page will provide you all the details you need to know about the Vietnam Electronic Visa, including:

  • Will a Vietnam e-visa allow me to enter the country via Cat Bi airport?
  • E-Visa Information for flying into Cat Bi Airport
  • How to Get a Vietnam Electronic Visa for entering Cat Bi Airport
  • Requirements for Foreign Passengers to Enter Cat Bi Airport
  • Fast Track Service at Cat Bi Airport

1/ Is it possible to visit Vietnam through Cat Bi airport with a Vietnam electronic visa in 2023?

As of March 2022, anybody who meets the requirements may apply for an electronic visa to Vietnam. However, this E-visa may only be utilized at certain ports of entry into Vietnam. What is the policy on using an electronic visa for Vietnam to enter Cat Bi airport?

In reality, the Vietnamese government has reinstated all Vietnam E-visa restrictions, including those pertaining to the entrance gate for travelers using Vietnam E-visas. Cat Bi International Airport is one of 8 international airports that permit entry to foreigners with a valid E-visa. This allows international passengers with a valid E-visa to enter Vietnam at Cat Bi International Airport.

Warning: Your Vietnam e-visa clearance must include “Cat Bi airport” as the entrance gate if you want to enter the country via Cat Bi airport. You will not be allowed to board your flight to Cat Bi Airport if you utilize your E-visa at an incorrect entry gate.

2/ Vietnam E-visa for those who Traveling to Cat Bi Airport in 2023

Visitors from other countries flying into Cat Bi will only be granted a 30-day single-entry Vietnam E-visa. When applying for a Vietnam e-visa online, it is crucial that you choose an entrance and departure date. This electronic visa will be rendered void the moment you leave Vietnam.

The electronic visa for Cat Bi airport is only valid for usage at that airport. You can’t use it to enter Vietnam at different airports.

The Vietnam e-visa required to access Cat Bi airport takes 3 business days to process. If you need your Vietnam E-visa quickly, you may utilize the urgent service. In this instance, an electronic visa may be accepted in one business day, or even sooner.

It is required to provide your passport and E-visa to the airline employees before boarding a flight to Cat Bi airport. You will not be allowed to board the aircraft if your electronic visa application is not ready. Be sure you have your electronic visa in hand before departing to Cat Bi airport.

3/ Vietnam E-Visa Process to enter Cat Bi Airport 2023

Visitors from outside of Vietnam who are using Cat Bi Airport to enter the country may get an electronic visa for Vietnam in a few minutes. Submitting an application for a visa is a paperless procedure that may be completed entirely online, with the applicant receiving electronic confirmation of their visa status. When applying for a visa, be careful to correctly identify Cat Bi Airport.

Step 1: Access the online Vietnam e-visa application.

To begin your visa application, please go to

Step 2: Fill Out the Form Completely

  • You must include all of the requested information on the visa application form, including your personal details and visa requirements.
  • Pick “Cat Bi airport” as your entry gate. Cat Bi International Airport is the entry point for Vietnam if a visa is approved.

Step 3: Scanning and Posting of Passport and Photo

Please provide a scan or picture of the information page of your passport and a recent photo of yourself. To apply for a visa, you must scan and submit all supporting papers.

Step 4: Approve and Pay

You should examine all details in visa order and then make the money online. As soon as your payment has been processed, you will get a confirmation email.

After processing time (3 working days for standard service and 1 working day for urgent service), Vietnam E-visa will be authorized and provided to email. Simply print it off and have your flight arrangements ready for Cat Bi airport.

4/ Cat Bi airport entry standards in 2023

All entry limitations for Covid-19 prevention were abolished in May 2022. With an E-visa issued by Vietnam, foreign travelers may enter Cat Bi Airport without a long list of required documents:

  • You DO NOT NEED to take quarantine while entering Cat Bi Airport with an E-visa.
  • With an approved Electronic Visa to enter Cat Bi Airport, you are NOT REQUIRED to provide a Covid-19 immunization certificate.
  • You DON’T NEED to present Covid-19 negative test while entering Cat Bi airport with E-visa
  • When visiting Cat Bi Airport with an Electronic Visa, you are NOT REQUIRED to provide proof of Covid-19 insurance.
  • When visiting Cat Bi Airport using an E-visa, you are NOT REQUIRED to provide a Covid-19 medical statement.

When you land at Cat Bi Airport, you’ll need to provide the following items:

  • Original passport with a validity date more than six months
  • Printed on an official Vietnam e-visa that lists “Cat Bi airport” as an entrance gate.

5/ Cat Bi airport Fast Track service for international passengers in 2023

With the reopening of borders and the return of travelers, Cat Bi Airport is usually quite busy at all hours. That’s why travelers from all over the globe have to wait patiently in the huge line for admission procedures. The average wait time for an admission stamp at passport check is 30 minutes. When a large number of vacationers all arrive at once, the wait time might be much longer. It’s not a big deal at all for people who aren’t in a hurry. However, it’s not a pleasant sensation for people who are worn out after a long travel.

Cat Bi Airport has a Fast Track service (or airport assistance service) that allows you to breeze through security and customs in only 5 minutes flat. Using this service, you may enter Vietnam swiftly.

Using the expedited services of Cat Bi:

  • As soon as you touch down in Vietnam, a member of our airport support team will be there to pick you up, and from there you’ll proceed to check in with our VIP land service.
  • The admission procedure at the airport may be completed in as little as 5 minutes with the aid of the friendly employees.

How can I book Cat Bi airport Fast Track service?

The expedited service may be added to your online Vietnam E-visa application at . Simply choose the “On Arrival Support service” as an extra, and we’ll have someone meet you at Cat Bi airport and help you out after you’ve landed.

Fast track service requires flight information. Please provide your flight details accurately so that we may arrange for a pick-up and appropriate personnel assistance.

We have lately acquired knowledge of the entrance criteria for Cat Bi Airport, the Cat Bi Airport Fast Track service, and the Vietnam Electronic Visa for travelers flying into Cat Bi Airport. Please email us at if you have any questions.

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