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5 Easy Steps Need to Get a Vietnam Landing Visa for Canadians Arriving in Hanoi in 2024! Required Forms and Procedures

Obtaining a landing visa at one of Ha Noi’s airports is the most popular option among Canadian visitors. Canadians need to go through the landing visa process at Ha Noi airports in order to enter Vietnam. To help Canadians obtain a landing visa in Ha Noi, we’ve laid down the process in 5 easy stages.

Obtaining a landing visa for Vietnam; instructions for Canadians flying into Hanoi

The information below is helpful for Canadians entering Vietnam via Ha Noi’s international airport. Read on for information specific to Canadians obtaining a landing visa for Vietnam at Hanoi International Airport:

Phase 1: One must first locate the visa office upon arrival.

Canadian citizens should first inquire at the airport about the location of the “landing visa desk” upon arrival at the Ha Noi airport. Find this office by reading the airport’s signpost or contacting airport personnel.

Here is a photo of the Ha Noi airport visa arrival counter. It is located next to the immigration office.

Phase 2: Formal Documentation Submittal

Canadian nationals must provide their passports, an approved visa letter printed, an entry and exit form, two pictures (4×6 cm), and any applicable visa fees at the Vietnam landing visa desk. The next step is to wait for the police to complete the paperwork, which might take some time.

Phase 3: obtain the visa stamp and payment.

Canadians who are in the process of obtaining a visa to visit Vietnam should expect to hear their name called when the immigration inspector is ready to stamp their passport. Canadians will have to pay to the official stamping their Vietnam visa. Only US dollars or Vietnamese dong are accepted, so be careful to convert currency before you go.

When the visa has been stamped in your passport, the officer will return it to you along with a receipt.

Phase 4: Verify Visa Status

Before going taking any further action, Canadian citizens should double-check all of the information they can find about obtaining a Vietnam visa. Do not hesitate to inform the officer of any mistakes. Canadians who have obtained their Vietnam visas are free to complete the rest of their arrival requirements.

Phase 5: Enter Ha Noi

Canadian visitors visiting Vietnam who have received their landing visas are welcome to enter the country at the Immigration Passport Check counter.

This procedure typically takes between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. Nevertheless, if there is a large crowd, the wait time might be significantly increased. Ha Noi International Airport offers a service known as FAST TRACK SERVICE to help its passengers. To avoid waiting in line, Canadians can prearrange for expedited immigration processing by booking the airport’s fast track service.

Travel paperwork for Canadians heading to Ha Noi

Indeed, Even Canadian citizens will profit greatly from the landing visa, this does not mean they can just get on a plane to Hanoi and pick up their visa upon arrival. The following items are required in order to get a landing visa at Ha Noi Airport:

First and foremost, Canadian citizens need to carry their original, valid passport.

Second, To obtain a visa upon arrival in Ha Noi, Canadian nationals will need an official visa acceptance letter provided by the Vietnam Immigration Department. Without this permission letter, Canadian nationals cannot apply for a landing visa.

But, this website makes it simple to apply for a visa acceptance letter to enter Vietnam.

Third, while landing at Ha Noi, you can fill out an entry and leave form. If you’re a Canadian, you may also fill out a PDF version of the form in advance by clicking here.

Fourth, before going to Vietnam, Canadians should get two passport-sized pictures of themselves. The photo has to be 4cm by 6cm and on a white backdrop. There is also a photo booth available at the airport for those Canadians who might forget to bring their passport photo with them.

Fifth, Cash: The stamping charge must be paid in cash. If you’re only going once, it’ll cost you $25 USD. To be safe, Canadian tourists should bring either US dollars or Vietnamese dong.

Just now, we told you all you need to know to secure a landing visa upon arrival in Vietnam at Ha Noi International Airport if you are a Canadian citizen. Canadians should remember that in order to apply for a visa at Ha Noi International Airport, they must follow the directions of immigration agents. Feel free to email us at  with any questions you may have concerning the landing visa procedure at Hanoi Airport.

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