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A Step-by-Step Guide to Speed Up Vietnam E-Visa in Minutes for Swiss Citizens 2024

Swiss citizens are increasingly interested in visiting Vietnam. Vietnam provides a one-of-a-kind experience for every traveler, with its magnificent landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. However, getting a visa can be a time-consuming process. To alleviate the strain, the Vietnamese government implemented the E-visa system, which allows Swiss people to apply for a visa online rather of visiting the embassy in person.

1/ Why should Swiss citizens select Vietnam E-visa?

For Swiss people wanting to visit Vietnam, the Vietnam E-visa offers various benefits. The ease of use provided by the E-visa is one of the primary reasons for using it. The days of making appointments, standing in long lines, and dealing with paperwork at the embassy are over. Swiss people can apply for the E-visa from the comfort of their own homes, saving time and effort.

Furthermore, the E-visa is a less expensive option. The typical visa application process frequently includes additional fees, such as embassy travel expenses and courier fees. Swiss citizens can avoid these additional charges by using the E-visa and allocating their travel budget to other components of their vacation.

2/ The Advantages of Accelerating Vietnam E-Visa Process for Swiss Citizens

The option to expedite the E-visa process may be advantageous for Swiss individuals with a tight timetable or those who have unexpectedly chosen to visit Vietnam. Travelers who choose to expedite their visa application will receive their visa acceptance in a matter of minutes, giving them the peace of mind and flexibility they require for a stress-free travel experience.

Accelerating the Vietnam E-visa application process also ensures that last-minute travel arrangements can be met. Whether it’s a business trip or a sudden impulse to see Vietnam’s charms, Swiss people may rely on the expedited E-visa service to make their travel dreams a reality without any unnecessary delays.

3/ Important papers and prerequisites for applying for an urgent Vietnam E-visa

Swiss individuals must ensure they have all relevant documentation and complete the stipulated standards in order to expedite the Vietnam E-visa process. A valid Swiss passport with at least six months remaining validity is required. It is critical to verify that the passport is in good condition and has blank visa stamping pages.

Swiss applicants will also be required to provide a recent passport-sized image that meets particular specifications for size, background color, and facial expression. To avoid delays or denials in the visa application process, it is critical to follow these instructions.

4/ Step-by-step approach to obtain Vietnam E-visa in minutes for Swiss nationals

Here are the specific steps:

  • Visit the Vietnam E-visa website by clicking here: Begin by visiting the webpage dedicated to processing Vietnam E-visas: . Throughout the application process, your personal information is protected by our secure platform.
  • Choose an application type: Choose the right visa category based on whether you are here for tourism, business, or other reasons. Typically, Swiss people apply for a tourist visa.
  • Fill out the application: Fill out the online application form precisely, including your full name, date of birth, gender, nationality, passport information, and contact information. Check the information for errors or typos.
  • Include the following documents in your upload: Attach scanned copies of your passport and a passport-sized photograph in accordance with the instructions. Check that the files are in the correct format and size.
  • Pay the visa application fee: Proceed to pay the E-visa processing fee through the website’s secure payment system. Credit cards and internet payment platforms may be accepted.
  • Submit the application: Once you’ve completed the preceding steps, thoroughly verify your application to guarantee accuracy. When you’re finished, submit the application, and you’ll get an email with a unique application code. You completed the process of applying for a Vietnam E-visa online in a matter of minutes.
  • Determine the current status of your application: To track the status of your visa application, go to the E-visa website and enter the application code from your confirmation email. You can check the status of your application here and get updates on its approval.
  • Obtain E-visa approval: Depending on the urgent service you select, you can receive an E-visa in 2 working hours, 1 working day, or 2 working days. E-visa approval will be sent to you via email. To present at the immigration checkpoint upon arrival in Vietnam, print a copy of the visa approval.

Finally, the Vietnam E-visa system has transformed the visa application process for Swiss nationals by providing simplicity, affordability, and flexibility. Swiss visitors who choose to expedite the E-visa process can receive their visa acceptance in minutes, allowing them to begin their Vietnamese journey without any extra delays.

Applying for a Vietnam E-visa has never been easier with the supplied step-by-step guide. Swiss citizens might simplify their trip plans to Vietnam by following the guidelines indicated. So, why delay? Begin your Vietnam E-visa application today and prepare to be enchanted by the country’s beauty and wonders.

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