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A Complete Guide to Obtaining a Vietnam Landing Visa for U.S. Citizens Flying to Noi Bai Airport 2023

Noi Bai airport has reopened its landing visa policy, allowing international tourists can get visas upon arrival. This page describes the Vietnam landing visa process for American citizens at Noi Bai airport. It will be of great use to individuals who are planning a vacation to Vietnam via Noi Bai airport.

1/ Outline of the Vietnam landing visa for US nationals at Noi Bai airport

The Vietnam landing visa is a type of visa that enables tourists to apply for and get their visa at Vietnam’s international airports. This option is exclusive to US air travelers entering Vietnam, and is specifically offered at Noi Bai airport (HAN). American passengers must submit an application and pay a fee online in advance to get a Vietnam landing visa. The pre-approved visa letter will then be emailed to the American visitor, who may use it to pick up their visa stamp at Vietnam’s Noi Bai airport upon arrival.

2/ In what circumstances should American citizens utilize a landing visa at Noi Bai airport?

Landing visa at Noi Bai airport is a simple option for American visitors who are unable to apply for a visa in advance through a Vietnamese embassy or consulate, or who need to apply for a Vietnam visa without preparing the required complex documentation. Typically, the following categories are eligible to apply for a landing visa:

  • Tourists: American visitors to Vietnam for leisure or vacation purposes are eligible to submit an application for a tourist landing visa.
  • Business travelers are eligible to apply for a business landing visa if they are visiting Vietnam for business objectives such as attending conferences, seeing clients, or conducting research.
  • American tourists in transit through Vietnam are eligible for a landing visa.

3/ How American nationals can apply for a Vietnam landing visa at Noi Bai airport

Required actions for obtaining a Vietnam landing visa at Noi Bai airport:

Step 1: Apply online for an acceptance letter; typical processing may take 3 to 8 business days.

The permission letter is the most crucial document required to obtain a landing visa at the airport. Citizens of the United States will not be permitted to get landing visas if they do not submit the permission letter in advance. Thus, it is advisable to request for a letter of permission at least 10 days prior to travel.

American citizens can apply for a permission letter to get a landing visa at Noi Bai airport by clicking here.

Receiving the permission letter through email and printing a printed copy is the second step.

Prepare two passport-sized photographs, your passport (which must be valid for at least six months at the time of arrival), and 25 US dollars in cash (for a single-entry visa).

Step 3: Get a visa stamp at the airport’s landing visa counter

Submit the above-mentioned documents at Vietnam’s Noi Bai airport to receive your visa stamp. The immigration agents at Noi Bai International Airport will examine all of your documentation before issuing a landing visa and stamping your passport. Before leaving the counter, please verify that the visa is complete and accurate.

At Noi Bai Airport, the landing visa counter is located opposite Passport Control. Unfortunately, when there are many people, the signage is not as obvious. After submitting your paperwork to the Visa landing office, you must wait while they perform their duties. If it is crowded, they will announce your name over the loudspeaker or hold up your passport/photo.

In conclusion, American citizens can apply in advance for a visa acceptance letter and obtain a landing visa upon arrival at Noi Bai airport in Vietnam. It helps American travellers save a substantial amount of time on visa preparation. Please contact us through email at  for additional information regarding Vietnam landing visas at Noi Bai airport and entrance procedures for U.S. nationals.

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