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5 Straightforward Ways To Get A Vietnam Landing Visa For Indians Visiting Hanoi in 2023 – Procedure and Documentation

Ha Noi is the must-see city in Vietnam due to its status as the nation’s capital. There is also a landing visa office at Hanoi International Airport that assists Indian and other arriving travellers in obtaining visas. Here, we will discuss the steps required for Indian nationals to obtain a Vietnam landing visa in Hanoi.

Obtaining a Vietnam landing visa for Indian citizens travelling to Ha Noi

For Indian travellers entering Vietnam via Hanoi, the information below would be helpful. Please refer to the comprehensive instructions for obtaining a Vietnam landing visa at Hanoi International Airport for Indian nationals:

Step 1: Searching for the arrival visa counter

When arrival at the Ha Noi airport, Indian nationals must first seek the “landing visa desk.” Follow the airport’s signage or enquire with airport personnel to locate this office.

The visa station at Hanoi’s airport is seen below. It is close to passport control.

Step 2: Provide documentation

At the Vietnam landing visa desk, Indian citizens must present their passport, a printout of their Vietnam visa acceptance letter, a completed entrance & exit form, and two 4-by-6-centimeter pictures of themselves. Afterwards, wait while the officer processes the paperwork, which may take some time.

Step 3: Pay visa money and obtain visa stamp

When an Indian traveler’s name is called out and the immigration officer is holding their passport, it indicates that their Vietnam visa is ready. The officer will require Indians to pay the Vietnam visa stamping fee. It is only possible to pay in cash (USD or VND), so be sure to exchange your money beforehand.

The officer will then return the passport (stamped with a Vietnam visa) and provide a receipt.

Step 4: Verify visa

Before taking the following step, Indians should thoroughly examine the Vietnam visa information. If there is a mistake, immediately notify the police. Indian travellers who have obtained a Vietnam visa may now continue with additional arrival processes.

Step 5: Input Ha Noi

Indian travellers who have been given a landing visa may approach the Immigration Passport Control counter, join the line, and enter Vietnam.

This procedure typically takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete. But, it might take longer if there is a large gathering. At the airport in Ha Noi, there is a service known as QUICK TRACK SERVICE. The airport’s support team will assist Indian passengers with all immigration procedures if they reserve the expedited service to avoid the long wait.

Documents Indians must prepare before to going to Hanoi

Even Vietnam Landing visa has several advantages for Indian people, but it does not imply that they may travel immediately to Hanoi and obtain a visa without having any documentation in advance. To get a landing visa at the airport in Ha Noi, the following paperwork must be in order:

1/ Passport: Indian citizens must carry their original passport, which must be valid for at least six months.

2/ Approval letter:

This is the official visa acceptance letter provided by the Vietnam immigration department, allowing Indian people to get a visa upon arrival in Ha Noi. There is no possibility for Indian people to get landing visas without this permission letter.

But, the Vietnam visa acceptance letter may be simply requested at the following link:

3/ The entry and exit form is accessible at the Ha Noi airport upon arrival. Instead, Indian citizens can download and complete the form here in advance.

4/ Before going to Vietnam, Indian travellers should take two pictures of themselves. The photo must have a white backdrop and be 4 x 6 centimetres in size. In the event that Indian travellers fail to take a photo, there is also a photo booth at the airport.

5/ Cash: The stamping charge must be paid in cash. Entry is $25 for a single person. Indian tourists should be prepared with VND or USD.

We have just provided details on how Indian citizens can obtain a Vietnam landing visa at Hanoi International Airport. Please note that Indians must follow the directions of immigration agents at the airport in Ha Noi in order to obtain a visa. Feel free to contact us through email at  if you have any questions regarding the landing visa procedure at Hanoi Airport.

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