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5 Easy Ways to Get a Vietnam Landing Visa for Hong Kong Citizens Visiting Ha Noi in 2023 – Procedure and Required Documents

Because it is the capital of Vietnam, Ha Noi is the city that visitors to Vietnam should prioritize visiting. There is also a landing visa office in the Ha Noi airport, which assists passengers arriving from Hong Kong and other countries in obtaining visas upon arrival. Here, we will familiarize you with the processes that are required to obtain a Vietnam landing visa in Ha Noi if you are a citizen of Hong Kong.

Instructions on how to obtain a Vietnam landing visa for citizens of Hong Kong who are traveling to Ha Noi

The instructions that are provided below will be helpful for tourists arriving in Vietnam from Hong Kong who are flying into Hanoi. For further information on how Hong Kong citizens can get a landing visa for Vietnam at the Hanoi airport, please check the following:

The first step is to search for the landing visa counter.

The first thing Hong Kong citizens should do upon touching down at the Ha Noi airport is inquire about the location of the “landing visa desk.” To locate this office, either look for a signboard in the airport or inquire with a member of the airport’s employees.

In the Ha Noi airport, the landing visa desk looks like the one in the photo below. It is close to the office that controls passports.

The second step is to turn in the documentation.

At the Vietnam landing visa counter, inhabitants of Hong Kong are needed to provide their passport, a print-out of their Vietnam visa acceptance letter, an entry and exit form that has been fully filled, and two personal pictures that are 4 by 6 centimeters in size. The next step is to wait for the officer to finish processing the paperwork, which might take some time.

Step 3: Pay visa money and obtain visa stamp

It is a sign that the Vietnam visa is ready when a traveler from Hong Kong hears their name being called out and the immigration officer is holding their passport. The official will request that those from Hong Kong pay the price for getting their Vietnam visa stamped. Because only cash in US dollars or Vietnamese dong is accepted, you will need to change your money before you arrive.

After that, the officer will return the passport to the traveler (after having a Vietnam visa stamped on it) and provide a receipt.

Step 4: Verify visa

Before moving on to the following step, persons from Hong Kong have to give the facts regarding the Vietnam visa significant consideration. Immediately inform the officer if there has been a mistake of any kind. Travelers from Hong Kong who already possess a valid visa for Vietnam can now proceed with the remainder of the arrival formalities.

Step 5: Input Ha Noi

Visitors from Hong Kong who have received landing visas are allowed to enter Vietnam after presenting their passports at the Immigration Passport Control counter, waiting in line, and entering the country.

This whole operation may often be completed in fifteen to thirty minutes. On the other hand, if there is a large gathering of individuals, it may take significantly longer. At the airport in Ha Noi, there is a support service that is known as FAST TRACK SERVICE. Travelers from Hong Kong who wish to avoid waiting in the lengthy queue can pre-book the fast track option available at the airport, and the support staff there will assist them in completing all immigration formalities.

The necessary travel documentation for passengers departing from Hong Kong for Hanoi is as follows:

Even Vietnam Although Hong Kong citizens have a lot to gain from obtaining a landing visa, this does not mean that they may fly straight to Ha Noi and then receive a visa without having any paperwork or travel plans made in advance. It is necessary to have all of the following documents in order to apply for a landing visa at the airport in Ha Noi:

1/ Passport: Citizens of Hong Kong are required to bring the original copy of their passport, which must be valid for at least another six months.

2 / Letter of approval for a visa: This is the official permission that is issued by the Vietnam immigration department, allowing citizens of Hong Kong to get a visa when they arrive in Ha Noi. It is issued by the Vietnam immigration department. If Hong Kong people do not have this permission letter, there is absolutely no possibility for them to get a landing visa.

The application for a visa acceptance letter for Vietnam may, however, be completed quickly and conveniently by clicking on the following link: .

3/ fill out an entry and exit form, which may be done after arriving at the Ha Noi airport. Instead, the Vietnamese visa application form may be downloaded and completed in advance by inhabitants of Hong Kong here:

4/ Photograph: Before travelling to Vietnam, tourists from Hong Kong are advised to take two photographs of themselves. The photograph needs to have a white backdrop and be 4 by 6 centimeters in size. There is also a picture booth at the airport for people from Hong Kong to use in case they forget to take one before they leave.

5/ Payment in Cash The stamping charge must be paid in cash. This is a requirement. A single entry will cost you $25 USD. Visitors to Hong Kong should be prepared to pay with either Vietnamese Dong or United States Dollars.

We have just provided Hong Kong people with the specific information required to get a Vietnam landing visa at the Ha Noi airport. At the Ha Noi airport, people from Hong Kong are need to pay attention to and follow the directions of immigration agents in order to have a successful experience applying for a visa. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time by sending an email to  if you have any inquiries regarding the landing visa procedure at the Hanoi airport.

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