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Vietnam E-visa For USA Travelers Entering Vietnam Through Quy Nhon Seaport By Cruise Ships 2023 | USA Passport Apply Vietnam E-visa For Cruise Trip

Nowadays, travelling by cruise is an amazing experience which many USA people want to enjoy, especially the route combining Vietnam. Many cruises traveling around the coast of Vietnam may stop at various port cities along the way. USA travelers frequently want to know if they require Vietnam visa to leave the ship at these stops. How to apply Vietnam E-visa for USA passport when entering Quy Nhon seaport with a cruise trip? What type of visa is suitable for USA passport in this case? Let’s study it through this article!

1/ Do USA travelers need Vietnam visa for cruise tour to Quy Nhon seaport 2023?

USA travelers need a visa to enter Vietnam, no matter they are arriving in Vietnam by land, air, or cruise ship. USA passport holders who enter Vietnam by a cruise ship are required to have a valid visa before entering Quy Nhon. This visa must be obtained in advance or applying on the cruise route.

However, USA passport is eligible for applying Vietnam E-visa. This visa is an online visa type, and can be applied anywhere with internet access devices.

2/ What type of Vietnam E-visa suitable for USA travelers taking the cruise to Quy Nhon seaport?

Vietnam E-visa allows the visa holders to enter Vietnam through airports, landports and seaports. USA travelers who take the cruise to Quy Nhon can use Vietnam E-visa to get entry permit. However, please make sure that USA visitors choose the right entry port when applying Vietnam e-visa.

On the E-visa application form, USA applicants should choose “Quy Nhon seaport” to make sure they are not refused to enter when leaving the cruise to Vietnam.

Vietnam E-visa is a single entry visa with maximum 30-day validity. Make sure that USA people taking the cruise for single entry only.

Does It Count as multiple Visits If the Cruise Stops at multiple Cities in Vietnam?

Many cruises along the coast of Vietnam stop at more than one port. USA people who visit many cities of Vietnam will be counted as one entry or multiple entry? If it’s multiple entry, how can they apply multiple visa?

In fact, if the cruise ship travels from one Vietnamese seaport to another one, this only counts as one visit for the USA passengers. The entry port will be the first entry seaport, and the exit port will be the final visit seaport. USA travelers don’t need to apply multiple entry visa. The single entry E-visa will work in this case.

3/ How to apply Vietnam E-visa for USA travelers taking the cruise to Quy Nhon 2023?

As mentioned above, USA passport is eligible for applying Vietnam E-visa online. This visa can be used for entering Quy Nhon seaport by cruise, and USA applicants can apply it easily online.

In order to apply Vietnam E-visa for taking the cruise to Quy Nhon seaport, USA applicants need to prepare these below documents:

  • USA passport which is valid more than 6 months
  • Personal photo (recently taken, not wearing glasses)

USA people please follow these below steps to submit Vietnam E-visa online for cruise tour:

Step 1: Access Vietnam E-visa application form for USA passport

Click here to start the visa application form online

Step 2: Fill out all required information

Choose all personal information and visa information:

  • Your citizenship: Choose the nationality
  • Purpose of visit: Choose tourist or business purpose
  • Visa type: Choose “E-visa, 30 days single entry”
  • Port of Arrival: Choose “travel by ship” and “Quy Nhon seaport”
  • Port of Exit: Choose the exit place as your itinerary
  • Entry date: Choose exactly the date you will enter. You can only arrive on or later than this entry date
  • Exit date: Choose the expected exit date. You can choose maximum 30 days later than the entry date
  • Express service: Choose it if you want to get E-visa urgently
  • Email: Type correctly the email which you will get visa result.

Step 3: Upload passport and photo

  • USA applicants have to upload passport information page when applying Vietnam E-visa
  • USA applicants have to upload personal photo when applying Vietnam E-visa

Step 4: Make payment and get confirmation

USA applicants need to pay Vietnam visa fee and visa application process will be completed. After processing time (3 working days for standard service, 1 working days for urgent service), E-visa approval will be sent to the email registered on E-visa application form. USA travelers should check carefully all information to make sure all are correct.

It’s recommended that USA citizens need to print out the E-visa approval to a hard copy. It’s required to show Vietnam E-visa when USA travelers do the entry immigration process in Vietnam.

4/ Guide for USA people travelling to Quy Nhon on a cruise ship

Here are some key things to bear in mind when USA visitors traveling to Quy Nhon on a cruise ship:

  • When disembarking the cruise ship in Vietnam, keep your USA passport and Vietnam visa with you at all times.
  • If the cruise stops at multiple ports in Vietnam, USA travelers can get the entry visa at the first port and USA travelers must declare the departure at the last port.
  • At all stops between the first and last ports USA travelers visit, passport and visa must be shown to border control officers.
  • Vietnam lifted all entry restrictions against Covid-19 to all foreigners, so USA travelers do not need to show any vaccination and negative Covid-19 test when taking the cruise to Vietnam.

We just shared the information related to Vietnam E-visa for USA travelers who taking the cruise tour to Quy Nhon, including Vietnam visa requirements, entry requirements and procedures to apply Vietnam E-visa for USA passport. For more information about Vietnam visa for cruise tour to Quy Nhon for USA travelers, please feel free to contact us through email


Nowadays, travelling by cruise is an amazing experience which many USA people want to enjoy, especially the route combining Vietnam. Many cruises traveling around the coast of Vietnam may stop …

Nowadays, travelling by cruise is an amazing experience which many USA people want to enjoy, especially the route combining Vietnam. Many cruises traveling around the coast of Vietnam may stop …



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