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Vietnam E-visa for USA Passport Crossing Saravane – La Lay Border 2023 | How to Apply Vietnam E-visa For USA Passport Entering La Lay Landport

Saravane – La Lay border crossing can be a fun and adventurous experience for many USA travelers. Although traveling on land requires more time than by air, USA travelers can save a lot of money on transport and possibly gain unforgettable memories and acquaintance. The only thing USA people have to put on mind is, don’t forget to apply Vietnam visa for crossing Saravane – La Lay border.

1/ Vietnam E-visa for USA Passport Crossing Saravane – La Lay Border 2023

Vietnam shares the same borders with Laos, which means USA passport can enter Vietnam from Laos by border crossing. One of the most chosen border for crossing from Laos to Vietnam is Saravane – La Lay Border.

In order to visit Vietnam by crossing Saravane – La Lay border, USA passport holders are required to have a valid visa in advance. The immigration officers at both Saravane border side and La Lay border side will check your visa before letting you enter Vietnam.

USA passport can apply Vietnam E-visa for crossing Saravane – La Lay border. It’s eligible for USA passport who enter Vietnam through La Lay land border.

Quick introduction about Vietnam E-visa for USA passport:

  • Vietnam E-visa is available for 80 countries, included USA passport
  • Vietnam E-visa holders can use this visa to enter Vietnam through airports, landports, and seaport (Included La Lay border gate)
  • Vietnam E-visa for USA passport is valid maximum 30 days with single entry only
  • USA passport can apply tourist E-visa or business E-visa for entering Vietnam through La Lay border
  • Vietnam E-visa is available online and it takes a few minutes to complete the visa application form for USA passport

2/ How to Apply Vietnam E-visa For USA Passport Entering La Lay Landport 2023

As mentioned above, USA passport can submit Vietnam E-visa application form online and then get visa approval via email. This visa approval will allow USA passport to enter Vietnam through La Lay landport.

These basic steps below will help USA passport understand the procedure of obtaining Vietnam E-visa online:

Step 1: Go to Vietnam E-visa application website and fill out the application with required information then attaching passport and personal photo.

USA passport must choose exactly the entry port as “La Lay landport”. USA passport will not be allowed to enter if choose the wrong entry port.

Passport and photo must meet the requirement of Vietnam immigration department. Please check here to know requirements of passport and photo when submitting Vietnam E-visa online for USA passport.

Step 2: Pay for the E-visa fee. USA passport can pay via PayPal or with credit cards. Remember that Vietnam E-visa fee is totally paid online when USA passport submit the application form online. USA passport do not need to pay any stamp fee on arrive with Vietnam E-visa.

Step 3: After 3 working days, the E-visa result will be sent to USA applicant’s email. Please check mail box and download E-visa approval. Carefully check to make sure all information in E-visa is correct. Make sure the entry gate in E-visa approval shows “La Lay landport”.

Step 4: Print out Vietnam E-visa and present it at La Lay land border along with your valid passport to enter Vietnam.

3/ How to do a visa border run through La Lay Landport for USA passport 2023

Vietnam E-visa is a 30-day single entry visa. Its validity is maximum 30 days. USA people who want to visit Vietnam for more than 30 days can consider the border run option.

Visa border run is a way to renew Vietnam E-visa while visa extension is not accepted in this period. A lot of USA tourists who came with E-visa used the visa border run solution to prolong period of stay in Vietnam.

For USA passport holders who are near La Lay border, crossing the border to Laos and then come back through La Lay border is a good idea to renew their Vietnam E-visa.

TIPS: When your current E-visa is about to expire, you should apply new E-visa, then exit Vietnam and come to Laos, stay there a few minutes and then come back to Vietnam with the new E-visa. And congratulations, you will get a new 30 days of stay.

Process of visa run at La Lay border for USA passport:

Step 1: Prepare for your visa run.

At this step, USA passport need to apply new Vietnam E-visa which will allows them to re-enter Vietnam after crossing the border to Laos.

Vietnam E-visa application for USA is available here but please note that it takes 3 working days for normal process and 1 working days for urgent process to get Vietnam E-visa. In order to save cost, it’s recommend USA passport holders should apply Vietnam E-visa ASAP.

USA passport also need to check whether they need Laos visa or not. And whether Laos visa on arrival at the land border is available or not. If it’s required, apply a visa for entering Laos.

Step 2: Exit Vietnam and enter Laos

At this step, USA passport must exit La Lay border first. Right after exit Vietnam, the current Vietnam E-visa will be invalid. After that, USA passport must do the entry procedure to enter Laos. Please remember to check whether you need visa for enter Laos or not and prepare it in advance.

Step 3: Re-enter Vietnam

USA passport can do the visa border run at the same date. After entering Laos a few minutes, USA passport can exit Laos and re-enter Vietnam through La Lay border. In order to re-enter Vietnam, USA passport holders must present original passport and the new E-visa approval. The immigration officers at La Lay border will check and paste the entry stamp on your passport. And then, congratulations! You have a new 30 day E-visa in Vietnam.

In conclusion, USA passport holders can apply Vietnam E-visa to enter Vietnam by crossing Saravane – La Lay Border. The online procedure for applying Vietnam E-visa for USA will takes 3 working days to complete. Whether USA passport visit Vietnam from Laos or do the visa border run through La Lay landport, it’s recommended to apply Vietnam E-visa as soon as possible. If you have any further question about Vietnam E-visa for USA people from Laos to Vietnam, please don’t hesitate to contact us through email

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