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Detailed Information Regarding the Electronic Visa for Travel to Tan Son Nhat Airport for Those Holding a Portugal Passport 2023

Many visitors from Portugal travel through Tan Son Nhat airport since it is one of the busiest and most well-known international airports in Vietnam. To access Tan Son Nhat airport, citizens of Portugal may utilize their e-visas to enter Vietnam. You can find all the information you need about the Vietnam electronic visa right here below for Portuguese residents arriving in Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat airport.

1/ Is it still possible to get a Vietnam e-visa for visitors from Portugal who are going to Tan Son Nhat airport in 2023?

Since 2017, the Vietnamese government has made it possible to get a visa for Vietnam online. It is a visa for a single entrance, and the maximum length of stay is 30 days. During the period covered by COVID-19, this kind of visa was put on indefinite hold. How about the year 2023 then? Is it now possible for citizens of Portugal to apply for an e-visa for Vietnam and enter the country via Tan Son Nhat airport?

In point of fact, the Vietnam E-visa program began operations in March 2022, making it possible for citizens of Portugal to apply for an electronic visa to visit Vietnam via any one of the country’s eight international airports. The airport at Tan Son Nhat is one among these eight airports.

People from Portugal who are in possession of a valid Vietnam E-visa are able to visit Vietnam by flying through Tan Son Nhat airport. When you apply for a visa to Vietnam online, you must choose “Tan Son Nhat airport” as the entry port. If you make this mistake, your application for an e-visa will be rejected.

2/ Important considerations to ponder while applying for Vietnam visa using passport from Portugal Traveling to Tan Son Nhat Airport in 2023

People from Portugal who go to Vietnam through Tan Son Nhat are only permitted one entrance using their Vietnam E-visa. This E-visa will no longer be valid the moment a person from Portugal leaves Vietnam. This particular visa is only valid for a maximum of 30 days; as a result, travelers from Portugal are required to depart Vietnam before the expiration of their visa.

When applying for an electronic visa for Vietnam, citizens of Portugal are required to choose the port of entry. An electronic visa that lists Tan Son Nhat airport as the entrance port may only be utilized to access the airport in question. It is not possible for citizens of Portugal to use it to enter Vietnam via any of the country’s airports.

It takes individuals from Portugal three full days of labor to receive an electronic visa for Vietnam, which allows them to enter the country via Tan Son Nhat airport. People from Portugal who are facing an urgent crisis should go with the urgent service option so that the visa application may be processed more quickly. In this scenario, the approval of an E-visa might take as little as one business day, and it could even take as little as two hours of business time.

Visitors from Portugal will be required to present their passports and E-visas to the airline staff at Tan Son Nhat airport before they are allowed to board their flights. Visitors to Portugal who do not have their e-visas approved will not be allowed to board the aircraft. Be certain that you have your E-visa in hand before you fly to the Tan Son Nhat airport.

3/ Procedure for Obtaining an Electronic Visa to Enter Vietnam for Citizens of Portugal in Tan Son Nhat Airport in 2023

Since the Vietnam E-visa is a type of application that can be completed online, Portuguese citizens can obtain one without much difficulty and in just a few minutes. Individuals from Portugal who are flying into Tan Son Nhat airport can complete the visa application form, attach their passport and photo, and then wait for the process to be completed. After the allotted processing time has passed, the applicant will receive an email containing the E-visa result.

To begin, citizens of Portugal are required to submit an online application for a Vietnam e-visa at the following website: .

It is necessary to provide all of the requested information on the online form, including one’s personal information, information regarding the trip, and information regarding the visa. Make sure that you select “Tan Son Nhat airport” as the appropriate entry port in the appropriate location.

The next step for people from Portugal is to affix a personal photo and the page with their passport information. Applicants for a visa to Portugal are required to first review all of the information in visa order, and then make their payment online. Following the completion of a successful payment, a confirmation email will be sent to the applicant’s email address.

After the allotted amount of time has passed, the Vietnam E-visa will be approved and then sent to the email address that was provided on the application form. Print it out and get ready to board your flight to Tan Son Nhat airport, if you are a citizen of Portugal.

4/ What travelers from Portugal need to know to enter Tan Son Nhat airport with an electronic visa 2023

In 2022, all travel restrictions related to Covid-19 will be lifted in Vietnam; as a result, passengers flying out of Portugal will have no trouble entering Tan Son Nhat airport. At the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, citizens of Portugal need only present their Vietnam e-visa and their national passport in order to enter Vietnam. Verify that your passport has a validity of at least an additional six months and that your e-visa lists “Tan Son Nhat airport” as the entry port.

When flying into Tan Son Nhat International Airport as a citizen of Portugal, you are not required to bring any vaccination certificate, negative test results, insurance information, or other documentation.

5/ Fast Track service at Tan Son Nhat airport for Portuguese nationals in 2023

People from Portugal who do not enjoy standing in long lines and waiting for the entry process at Tan Son Nhat may want to think about using the Fast track service. This is a solution that will allow you to check in through the passport control counter more quickly and conveniently.

We offer a fast track service at Tan Son Nhat airport for citizens of Portugal. When Portugal citizens arrive at Tan Son Nhat airport, we will have staff waiting to greet and assist them, helping them to avoid the long line, enter through the VIP land, and complete the entry process within five minutes.

How do Portuguese citizens make reservations for the Fast Track service at Tan Son Nhat airport in 2023?

Portugal passport holders have the option to add the fast track service to their application for a Vietnam e-visa, which can be completed online at . Simply select “On Arrival Support service” from the add-on menu, and we will make arrangements for support staff to meet you at Tan Son Nhat airport after your flight has landed.

In order to book the fast track service, citizens of Portugal are required to provide flight information. Be sure to enter the correct flight information so that we can organize our staff to meet you at the airport and assist you.

We have just provided a lot of helpful information for people from Portugal to obtain a Vietnam E-visa, as well as information regarding the entry procedure and the fast track service at Tan Son Nhat airport. We have high hopes that it will be beneficial to your trip. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time by sending an email to  if you require any additional information.

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