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Detailed Information for Belgian Citizens Seeking an Electronic Visa for Vietnam Travel to Tan Son Nhat International Airport 2023

Many Belgians who go to Vietnam arrive via Tan Son Nhat Airport, one of the country’s busiest international airports. Travelers from Belgium may use their Vietnam e-visa to access Tan Son Nhat International Airport. The following information pertains to the Vietnam electronic visa for Belgian nationals arriving at Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

1/ Is it still possible to get an electronic visa for Vietnam for Belgian citizens via Tan Son Nhat Airport in 2023?

The government of Vietnam has implemented an electronic visa system beginning in 2017. This visa allows you to enter and leave the country once, and your stay cannot exceed 30 days. This sort of visa was put on hold for quite some time during Covid-19. Okay, how about the year 2023? Those from Belgium who want to visit Vietnam through Tan Son Nhat Airport may now do so with an e-visa obtained beforehand.

As of March 2022, however, the Vietnam E-visa was once again made available, allowing citizens of Belgium to use it to enter the country via any of its eight international airports. One of the airports is Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Vietnam.

When travelling to Vietnam from Belgium, passengers holding a valid Vietnam E-visa may use the Tan Son Nhat International Airport as their arrival and departure point. Please note, however, that if you apply for a Vietnam e-visa online, you will need to choose “Tan Son Nhat airport” as your entry port.

2/ Details to keep in mind while requesting a Vietnam e-visa on a Belgian passport to Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Flying to Tan Son Nhat from Belgium requires a valid Vietnam e-visa, which is a single-entry visa. This E-visa will be void for travellers from Belgium the moment they leave Vietnam. Due to the limited validity of this visa, Belgian travellers must depart Vietnam no later than 30 days after entering the country.

E-visa applicants from Belgium must provide an entry point when applying for a Vietnam visa online. Entry into Tan Son Nhat airport is restricted to those who have an e-visa with Tan Son Nhat airport as their designated entry point. It is invalid for entry to Vietnam at any of the airports.

It takes 3 business days to get a Vietnam e-visa for admission via Tan Son Nhat airport if you are a citizen of Belgium. To speed up the visa application procedure in an emergency, citizens of Belgium should choose the “urgent service” option. E-visa approval in this scenario often takes no more than a day, and often takes place within a matter of hours.

The airline will need Belgian nationals to provide their passports and electronic visas before boarding a flight to Tan Son Nhat Airport. Belgium will not allow passengers to board the plane without first receiving permission for their electronic visa. If you plan on travelling into Tan Son Nhat Airport, you’ll need to have your E-visa in hand before you can check in.

3/ How Belgian Citizens Can Obtain an Electronic Visa for Vietnam Entry at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in 2023

The process of applying for a Vietnam E-visa is quick and easy for residents of Belgium since it may be completed entirely online. Anyone from Belgium who is travelling into Tan Son Nhat Airport may get a visa application form, upload a picture, and then wait for processing. After the E-visa has been processed, the applicant will get an email with the outcome.

The first step for citizens of Belgium is to fill out the Vietnam E-visa application found at .

Personal information, travel details, and visa requirements must all be entered into the web form. Be careful to include “Tan Son Nhat airport” as your entrance port of choice.

After that, citizens of Belgium need to affix a picture and the identifying data page from their passport. If you are applying for a visa to Belgium, please read the following instructions carefully and then pay for your application online. A receipt will be sent to the applicant’s inbox after the payment has been processed.

A valid Vietnam E-visa will be issued and emailed to the applicant’s provided email address when the application has been processed. Belgians need to print it out and be ready for their flight to Tan Son Nhat Airport.

4/ Getting ready to enter Tan Son Nhat Airport with an Electronic Visa as a citizen of Belgium 2023

In 2022, Vietnam will no longer enforce any of the Covid-19 travel restrictions, allowing citizens of Belgium free access to Tan Son Nhat International Airport. The only documentation required for entry into Vietnam from Belgium is an electronic visa issued by Vietnam and a valid Belgian passport. For admission, your e-visa must list “Tan Son Nhat airport” as your entry port, and your passport must have at least six months of validity remaining.

Visitors from Belgium may travel into Tan Son Nhat Airport without a vaccination certificate, negative test result, proof of insurance, or any other documentation proving that they are not a risk to others.

5/ Fast Track service at Tan Son Nhat airport for Belgium passport

Travelers from Belgium who would rather not wait in line at Tan Son Nhat’s entrance procedure may want to think about using the airport’s Fast track option. In other words, this is a way to breeze past the airport’s passport control with ease.

Belgians may take advantage of our expedited service at Tan Son Nhat Airport: When travellers from Belgium arrive at Tan Son Nhat Airport, we’ll have workers there to greet and assist them so that they may skip the huge lines, enter via VIP land, and go through security in under 5 minutes.

When travelling to Tan Son Nhat Airport from Belgium in 2023, how can you reserve the Fast Track service?

If you possess a passport from Belgium and are applying for a visa to Vietnam online at , you have the option of upgrading to expedited processing. To have assistance waiting for you after you land at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, choose the “On Arrival Support service” from the list of available upgrades.

Customers from Belgium who want to reserve expedited service must submit flight information. Make sure you provide us accurate flight details so that we can send someone to bring you up and help you get settled in.

A lot of helpful information on the Vietnam E-visa, the entrance procedure, and the fast track service at Tan Son Nhat airport has recently been shared with our Belgian readers. We are certain that it will enhance your vacation. Feel free to email us at  for any further details you may need.

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