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Vietnam E-visa for BELGIUM Citizens Flying to Ha Noi in 2023 – How to Apply for a Vietnam E-visa to Enter Ha Noi BELGIUM CITIZENS

This article is extremely helpful for BELGIUM passport holders who are planning a trip to Ha Noi. The following information is a thorough guide to obtaining a Vietnam E-visa for BELGIUM nationals to enter Ha Noi. It gives thorough information on Vietnam visa requirements for BELGIUM passport holders who enter Ha Noi, how to apply for a Vietnam E-visa for flying to Ha Noi for BELGIUM citizens, Ha Noi entrance requirements for BELGIUM citizens, and Vietnam E-visa extension for BELGIUM citizens in Ha Noi.

1/ Do BELGIUM passport holders require a visa to visit Ha Noi in 2023?

The entrance criteria for Ha Noi vary according to nationality. There are now 24 nations that may be excused from the Vietnam visa requirement while visiting Ha Noi, however BELGIUM is not one of them. When entering Ha Noi, BELGIUM passport holders must have a valid visa. This visa must be acquired before to travelling to Ha Noi since the airline crew will verify visas before allowing BELGIUM citizens to board.

Although BELGIUM citizens must obtain a visa to travel to Ha Noi, they may simply request a Vietnam E-visa online and get visa approval in 3 working days. The Vietnam E-Visa application form for BELGIUM passports may be completed online in just a few minutes with basic personal information and visa details.

The Vietnam E-visa will allow Belgians to enter Vietnam via Ha Noi and remain for a maximum of 30 days. It is valid for a number of objectives, including tourism, business, visiting friends or family, or studying, among others.

2/ Vietnam E-visa Requirements for Belgians Flying to Ha Noi in 2023

BELGIUM passport holders must fulfill the Vietnam online visa criteria in order to apply for a Vietnam E-visa to visit Ha Noi. All BELGIUM candidates must have:

  • A Belgium passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the estimated date of arrival in Ha Noi.
  • A digital picture of the passport biographical page
  • A recent picture (without glasses)
  • A valid debit or credit card to pay the Vietnam online visa fee

People in BELGIUM must also supply a current email address that they check often. Once completed, the approved Vietnam E-visa will be sent to this email address. People from Belgium may then print a copy to show to the police upon their arrival in Ha Noi.

3/ How to Get a Vietnam E-Visa to Enter Ha Noi for Citizens of BELGIUM 2023

People from Belgium who are flying to Ha Noi may use the following procedures to apply for a Vietnam E-visa for a Ha Noi entrance permit:

Step 1: BELGIUM candidates should go to  to access the Vietnam E-visa application form.

Step 2: BELGIUM applicants fill out the relevant information in the E-visa application form.

Check to ensure that you have entered the correct entering airport.

Step 3: BELGIUM candidates submit their passports and photos.

When submitting a Vietnam E-visa application for BELGIUM nationals, a digital picture of the applicant and a scan of their passport are necessary.

Step 4: BELGIUM candidates evaluate the application form and pay

Following payment, the Vietnam E-visa for BELGIUM applicants will be processed. Vietnam E-visa processing period for BELGIUM citizens is generally 3 working days, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Vietnamese holidays.

After the E-visa is approved, it will be emailed to the BELGIUM applicant’s email address. Visitors from Belgium should print it off and carry it with them when they enter Ha Noi.

4/ Ha Noi entrance criteria for BELGIUM nationals in 2023

All Covid-19 entry limitations for Ha Noi will be lifted in May 2022. Tourists possessing a BELGIUM passport and a Vietnam E-visa may enter Ha Noi without having to prepare several difficult procedures.

  • Tourists from Belgium enter Ha Noi using an E-visa: QUArantine IS NOT REQUIRED
  • Tourists from Belgium enter Ha Noi using an E-visa DO NOT NEED TO SHOW Covid-19 vaccination certificate
  • Tourists from Belgium enter Ha Noi using an E-visa DO NOT NEED TO SHOW Covid-19 negative test
  • Tourists from Belgium enter Ha Noi using an E-visa DO NOT NEED TO SHOW Covid-19 insurance
  • Tourists from Belgium enter Ha Noi using an E-visa DO NOT NEED TO SHOW Covid-19 medical declaration

All BELGIUM passport holders must provide the following papers before traveling to Ha Noi:

  • Original passport with more than 6-month validity
  • A hard copy of the Vietnam E-visa

5/ Vietnam E-visa extension for BELGIUM nationals in Ha Noi 2023

The Vietnam E-visa is a single entrance permit with a maximum validity of 30 days. A visa extension is what BELGIUM citizens seeking to remain in Vietnam for more than 30 days are searching for! Can the Vietnam E-visa for persons from Belgium be extended in Ha Noi? How may BELGIUM passport holders extend their Vietnam E-visa in Ha Noi?

Vietnam E-visa extension will not be accessible in 2023. All BELGIUM passport holders who enter Ha Noi with a Vietnam E-visa cannot renew their visa during this time. There is currently no method to extend a BELGIUM E-visa in Ha Noi. If individuals from Belgium wish to remain in Vietnam for more than 30 days, they may only apply for two E-visas and cross the border after the first E-visa expires.

However, the regulations for Vietnam E-visa extension change regularly. Visa extensions for BELGIUM passport holders may be obtained without previous notification. Please reconfirm with us for the most recent news on Vietnam E-visa extension in Ha Noi by sending an email to . We will respond as soon as we get your inquiry.

In summary, BELGIUM people will need to get a visa to visit Ha Noi in 2023. Citizens of BELGIUM may apply for a Vietnam E-visa online in order to fly to Ha Noi. Because the online application is straightforward and convenient, BELGIUM nationals may apply for a Vietnam E-visa from anywhere. If you have any questions concerning the Vietnam E-visa for entry into Ha Noi for BELGIUM passport holders, please contact us at .

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