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Detailed Instructions on Vietnam E-Visa for Australian Citizens Flying to Tan Son Nhat Airport in 2023

Tan Son Nhat airport is one of the most popular international airports in Vietnam, and many Australians who go to Vietnam fly there. Australia citizens are able to visit Tan Son Nhat airport using a Vietnam e-visa. Below are the specifics of the Vietnam electronic visa for Australians arriving in Vietnam through Tan Son Nhat airport.

1/ Is the Vietnam e-visa option still open to Australians going into Tan Son Nhat airport in 2023?

Since 2017, the Vietnamese government has implemented an e-visa system. It is a single-entry visa with a maximum stay of 30 days. At the time of Covid-19, this sort of visa was temporarily suspended. So, how about the year 2023? Can Australians now get a Vietnam e-visa and enter the country through Tan Son Nhat airport?

In actuality, Vietnam E-visa reopened in March 2022, and Australian passport holders may now apply online for this visa to visit Vietnam through eight international airports. The airport in Tan Son Nhat is one among these eight airports.

Those from Australia with a valid Vietnam E-visa may go to Vietnam by flying through Tan Son Nhat International Airport. Please note that while applying for a Vietnam E-visa online, you must choose “Tan Son Nhat airport” as the entry port.

2/ Essentials when applying for Vietnam e-visa with Australian passport flights to Tan Son Nhat Airport

Vietnam E-visa for Australians flying into Tan Son Nhat International Airport is a single-entry visa. Immediately after Australians leave Vietnam, this E-visa will become void. This kind of visa is valid for a maximum of 30 days; consequently, Australian travelers must depart Vietnam before to expiration.

When applying for a Vietnam e-visa, Australians must choose their port of entry. An e-visa with Tan Son Nhat airport as the entry port may only be used to access the airport. Australian citizens are unable to utilise it to enter Vietnam through various airports.

Australians may get a Vietnam E-visa for entrance via Tan Son Nhat airport in three business days. Australia citizens should choose urgent service to speed the visa application procedure in an emergency. In this instance, an E-visa may be authorised within one business day or even two hours.

Before boarding a flight to Tan Son Nhat airport, airline personnel will need Australian travellers to provide their passport and E-visa. In the absence of an approved E-visa, travellers visiting Australia will be refused boarding. Before travelling to Tan Son Nhat airport, ensure you have your E-visa.

3/ Procedure for Australians to Obtain a Vietnam E-Visa to Enter Tan Son Nhat Airport in 2023

As the Vietnam E-visa is an online application, Australian people may get one in a matter of minutes. Australians coming into Tan Son Nhat airport may fill out a visa application, attach their passport and a picture, and then wait for processing. After the processing period, the E-visa result will be sent to the applicant.

Australia citizens must first submit an online application for a Vietnam E-visa at .

All needed fields on the web form must be completed, including personal information, travel details, and visa information. Make sure that “Tan Son Nhat airport” is selected as the correct entry port.

Next, Australians must attach the passport information page and a picture of themselves. Australia applicants must examine all details in visa order prior to making an online payment. After successful payment, the applicant will get an email confirmation.

After the processing period, an approved Vietnam E-visa will be emailed to the email address provided on the application form. Australians merely need to print the boarding pass and prepare for their flight to Tan Son Nhat airport.

4/ What Australian residents must do to visit Tan Son Nhat airport with an E-visa in 2023

Vietnam has withdrawn all Covid-19 travel restrictions for 2022, allowing Australian passengers to enter Tan Son Nghi airport without difficulty. When entering Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat airport, Australians are simply need to provide an e-visa and a valid passport. Ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months and that your e-visa lists “Tan Son Nhat airport” as the entry port.

When travelling through Tan Son Nhat airport, Australians are not need to provide any immunisation certificate, negative test, insurance documentation, etc.

5/ Fast track service for Australians at Tan Son Nhat airport in 2023

People from Australia who dislike standing in line and waiting for the entrance procedure at Tan Son Nhat might consider using the Fast track option. This is a way for expediting and simplifying the check-in process at the passport control counter.

We provide expedited service at Tan Son Nhat airport for Australian citizens: When Australians arrive at Tan Son Nhat airport, we will organise personnel to greet and assist them, let them escape the huge line, enter through VIP land, and complete the entrance procedure within five minutes.

How can Australians reserve Fast Track service at Tan Son Nhat airport in 2023?

Australian passport holders may add the fast track service while completing the online Vietnam E-visa application form at . Simply choose “On Arrival Support service” as an additional option, and we will arrange for people to assist you upon arrival at Tan Son Nhat airport.

Australians must give flight information to reserve fast track service. Please provide accurate flight details so that we can arrange for a staff member to take you up and assist you.

We have recently provided Australia with a wealth of information on obtaining a Vietnam E-visa, as well as the entrance procedure and fast track service at Tan Son Nhat airport. We hope it contributes to the success of your vacation. If you want further information, please contact us at .

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