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How to Apply for a Vietnam E-visa for an Australian Passport Flying to Noi Bai Airport in 2023

You’re getting ready to go to Noi Bai Airport in Vietnam via plane. You’re interested in learning more about the Vietnam E-visa for holders of Australian passports travelling to Vietnam via Noi Bai airport. At that case, you’re in the proper spot. In this article, we detail the requirements for Vietnam E-visas for holders of Australian passports, the steps to obtain a Vietnam E-visa before flying to Noi Bai Airport, the requirements for entry into Noi Bai Airport for holders of Australian passports, as well as an introduction to the Noi Bai Airport Fast Track Service for holders of Australian passports. Move along!

1/ Can Australian passport holder visit Vietnam via Noi Bai airport in 2023 with a Vietnam e-visa?

Australia passport holders may apply for this online visa starting in March 2022 to get a visa to enter Vietnam. This E-visa, however, is only valid for entrance into Vietnam via certain entry points. Can someone with an Australian passport visit the Vietnam E-visa facility in Noi Bai?

In reality, the Vietnamese government has reinstated all laws pertaining to Vietnam E-visas, including entry port requirements. One of the eight international airports that allows citizens of Australia to enter the country with a current E-visa is Noi Bai Airport. It denotes that citizens of Australia with a current E-visa may enter Vietnam via Noi Bai Airport.

Important information: The entrance port in the Vietnam E-visa approval must say “Noi Bai airport” in order to enter Vietnam via that airport. People from AUSTRALIA will not be allowed to travel to Noi Bai airport if they utilise an E-visa with a different entry port.

2/ Vietnam e-visa for holders of Australian passports 2023: Air travel to Noi Bai Airport

For Australian citizens flying to Noi Bai, the Vietnam E-visa is a single entry visa with a 30-day maximum validity. The arrival date and leave date must be specified precisely when applying for a Vietnam E-visa online for citizens of AUSTRALIA. This E-visa will no longer be valid as soon as Australian citizens leave Vietnam.

Only the Noi Bai airport E-visa for an AUSTRALIA passport is required for entry. People from AUSTRALIA are unable to utilise it to enter Vietnam via several airports.

Vietnam E-visa processing for Australian passport holders to access Noi Bai airport takes 3 working days. Australia candidates may utilise the urgent option to speed up the Vietnam E-visa procedure if they need to act quickly. In this situation, an E-visa may be authorised in as little as one or even two business days.

The airline employees will need tourists from AUSTRALIA to provide their passport and E-visa before taking off from Noi Bai airport. Australian travellers will not be permitted to board if their E-visa application is not approved. Make sure you have an E-visa in your possession before travelling to Noi Bai airport.

3/ How to Apply for Vietnam E-Visa for Australian Citizens to Enter Noi Bai Airport in 2023

In reality, the process is fairly quick and easy to get a Vietnam E-visa for Australians travelling to Noi Bai airport. The visa application form must be filled out online for all procedures, and the applicant from Australia will get notification of the visa acceptance by email. Verify that the name of the Noi Bai airport is correctly entered on the visa application form.

Step 1: Access the online application for a Vietnam E-visa using an Australian passport.

Start your visa application by going to

Step 2: Enter all necessary data

  • Applicants from AUSTRALIA must fill out the visa application form with all of their personal details.
  • Entry port: Pay close attention while selecting “Noi Bai airport.” You may utilise your visa to enter Vietnam via Noi Bai airport after it has been approved.

Step 3: Upload your picture and passport

Applicants for AUSTRALIA must provide a personal picture and a scan of their passport information page. Applicants seeking visas must submit all required documentation.

Step 4: Review and pay

Applicants from AUSTRALIA should check all of the information in their visa order before making the online payment. After payment is made successfully, a confirmation email will be sent to the applicant’s email.

Vietnam E-visa will be accepted and delivered to email after processing (3 working days for normal service and 1 working day for urgent service). Citizens of Australia merely need to print it out and be ready to go to Noi Bai airport.

4/ Entry criteria for Australian nationals at Noi Bai Airport 2023

All entry limitations for Covid-19 prevention have been removed as of May 2022. Passport holders from Australia with a Vietnam E-visa may visit Noi Bai airport without having to prepare several documents:

  • Australian passport arriving at Noi Bai airport with an electronic visa NOT need to undergo quarantine
  • Australian passport arriving at Noi Bai airport with an electronic visa NOT required to appear The Covid-19 vaccine record
  • Australian passport arriving at Noi Bai airport with an electronic visa NOT required to appear negative Covid-19 test
  • Australian passport arriving at Noi Bai airport with an electronic visa NOT required to appear Insurance Covid-19
  • Australian passport arriving at Noi Bai airport with an electronic visa NOT required to appear Medical declaration for Covid-19

The following documentation must be shown by all Australians upon arrival at Noi Bai Airport:

  • An original passport with a validity of at least six months.
  • A paper copy of the Vietnam E-visa that lists “Noi Bai airport as entry port”

5/ Fast Track service at Noi Bai airport for nationals of Australia by 2023

Noi Bai airport is typically bustling at all times since the borders were reopened and travellers were welcomed back. Visitors to AUSTRALIA and foreign nationals from all over the globe must stand in line for admission formalities because of this. The typical wait time for an entrance stamp at the passport check desk is 30 minutes. Due to the large number of visitors that land at once, it might sometimes take longer. It poses no issues at all for individuals who are not in a hurry. It’s not a pleasant sensation for individuals who are exhausted after a long travel, however.

In the Noi Bai airport, there is an airport assistance service (also known as the Noi Bai airport Fast Track service) that enables travellers from AUSTRALIA to finish the whole admission procedure in under 5 minutes. Passport holders from Australia may utilise this service to enter Vietnam swiftly.

Using the Noi Bai fast track service, passengers from Australia will be met upon arrival by airport assistance personnel.

  • Australian citizens will enter Vietnam through VIP land
  • Airport assistance personnel will assist Australians in completing the entrance procedure in less than five minutes.

How can Australian people schedule Fast Track service at Noi Bai airport for 2023?

Australian passport holders have the option to add the fast track service while filling out the Vietnam E-visa application form online at . Simply choose “On Arrival Support service” under add-on services, and we will set up people to assist you as you reach at Noi Bai airport.

People from AUSTRALIA must give flight information to book fast track service. Make sure the flight information is correct so that we can set up employees to take you up and assist you.

We just discovered all the details on the Vietnam E-visa for Australian passport holders travelling via Noi Bai Airport, as well as the Noi Bai airport entrance criteria for Australian nationals and the Noi Bai airport Fast Track service. Please feel free to write us at  if you have any questions.

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