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[Polish Citizens’ Vietnam Tourist Visa 2023] How To Apply For A Tourist Visa To Vietnam Online For POLAND Passport

Vietnam is a fantastic travel destination with wartime scenes, wooden sampans, floating marketplaces, lovely beaches, and rice fields brimming with fresh life. You will recognize how beautiful nature is as soon as you touch this place. Any nation that you want to visit requires a visa, and Vietnam is no exception. People from POLAND need a tourist visa in order to go to Vietnam. How can inhabitants of POLAND apply for a tourist visa to Vietnam?

1/ Polish nationals need a tourist visa for Vietnam

For those with POLAND passports and other applicants planning trips to Vietnam, tourist visas are given. A tourist visa for Vietnam may only be obtained for a brief trip or stay.

The duration of a POLAND citizen’s tourist visa to Vietnam is:

The most common Vietnam tourist visa is valid for 30 days and has a maximum validity of 3 months for passport holders with Polish nationalities. The validity shall be measured starting from the date indicated in the visa approval, not starting on the day of entrance. For instance, even if visitors from POLAND reach Vietnam on January 12th, their 30-day tourist visa from Vietnam will only be valid until January 31st since that is when it was approved.

2/ Vietnam tourist visa categories for tourists from POLAND in 2023

For POLAND passport holders, single-entry and multiple-entry tourist visas for Vietnam are available. With a multiple entry visa, POLAND travelers do not need to apply for a new visa each time they visit Vietnam if they want to travel often. Those who seek for a single entry visa from Poland, however, must leave Vietnam before their visa expires.

  • POLAND tourists should apply for a single entry tourist visa if they only want to visit Vietnam once;
  • POLAND tourists should apply for a multiple entry tourist visa if they plan to visit Vietnam many times.

3/ How to get a Vietnam tourist visa for inhabitants of POLAND 2023

You may apply for a Vietnam tourist visa either in person or online if you have a POLAND passport.

3.1/ Apply for a Vietnam visa at Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate

Polish nationals may complete the required paperwork and submit their application for a visa to Vietnam at any Vietnamese embassy or consulate. At this link: , POLAND candidates may see a list of Vietnam embassies and consulates.

By doing this, travelers from POLAND must go to the Vietnam Embassy and apply for visas there. The Embassy requires POLAND candidates to visit twice: once to apply and once to get their visa decision.

Some embassies advise applicants to submit their visa applications by mail or email to avoid standing in line and wasting time. If applicants from POLAND are unable to visit the embassy owing to distance or other circumstances, they may get in touch with the consular office in advance to find out if mail applications are accepted or not.

Vietnam visa approval will occur between 5 and 7 business days after the application is received.

3.2/ Polish people apply for a Vietnam visa online in 2023

For inhabitants of POLAND, this is the simplest and fastest option to get a visa for Vietnam. The following papers must be ready for POLAND candidates who want to apply for a visa to Vietnam online:

  • Passport (scan or picture of data page)
  • Personal photograph (without glasses)

Vietnam visas may be obtained online by email in only three working days for standard service and one working day for urgent service. Tourists from POLAND only need to print the approved visa out and present it at the Vietnam border.

Use these easy procedures to apply for a Vietnam visa online if you have a passport from POLAND:

Step 1:

  • Fill out the Vietnam visa application form at to apply for a visa to visit Vietnam online for citizens of POLAND.
  • Give the following details: Full name, birthdate, passport number, nationality, date of arrival, port of arrival, etc.
  • Opt for immediate assistance (if any)
  • Type the email address exactly.
  • Attach your passport and a picture.

Step 2: Examine and send payment

Before sending money, don’t forget to verify your details. After payment, any modifications might incur costs.

Step 3: Obtain a visa approval and a visa to enter Vietnam

The procedure will take 3 working days, and a visa will be issued to the email address you provided on the application form. Verify the information on the visa once more to make sure it is accurate, then print it off and get ready for your trip to Vietnam.

Just present the passport and visa when POLAND travelers arrive at Vietnamese airports, landports, or seaports. The entrance stamp will be examined by the immigration agents and then applied to the traveler’s passport.

We just learnt about information about Vietnam tourist visas for POLAND nationals as well as how to get a Vietnam tourist visa using a POLAND passport. Contact us by email at  if you need any further information or are experiencing visa issues.

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