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Check Vietnam E-Visa Eligibility for Canadian – Can Canadians Apply for Vietnam Electronic Visa in 2023?

Vietnam E-visa is now regarded as the best option to get a visa for admission into Vietnam. The Vietnamese Government formally introduced this visa on February 1, 2017 as part of its trial program, although the list of eligible nations has altered. Moreover, since the Covid-19 era, visa procedures have been drastically altered. Canadians who want to apply for a Vietnam visa will be concerned with the availability of an e-visa for Canadian passport holders in 2023.

1/ How to Check Vietnam E-visa Eligibility for Canadians 2023

Check Vietnam E-visa eligibility for Canadian passport holders and other nations using this link on our website:

It is the most recent revision to the list of nationalities eligible to apply online for a Vietnam E-visa. We will update and publicize any changes to the Vietnam E-visa regulations as soon as they occur.

To determine whether a CANADA passport bearer is eligible for a Vietnam e-visa, just type the country’s name into the search field, and all the information required to apply for a Vietnam e-visa for Canadians will be shown.

2/ Can Canadians get Vietnam e-visa in 2023?

We are pleased to tell you that Canadians may apply for a Vietnam e-visa in 2023. Although this visa has been blocked for over two years due to Covid-19, Canadian passport holders may now submit a visa application and get a Vietnam e-visa before to visiting the country.

After completing a visa application, a Canadian may get a Vietnam e-visa in a few minutes. This visa application is entirely handled online, so Canadians may submit visa requests from any Internet-connected device at any time.

3/ How to apply for a Vietnam e-visa for Canadians in 2023?

All Canadian nationals who fall into one of the following categories may apply for a Vietnam e-visa:

  • Canadian citizen whose passport is valid for more than six months
  • Canadians who do not meet the criteria for entrance suspension outlined in Article 21 of the Law on Foreigners’ Entry, Exit, Transit Through, and Residence in Vietnam.
  • Canadians not included on the Vietnamese immigration black list

Applicants from Canada who meet the aforementioned requirements may submit an application for a Vietnam e-visa. Canadian citizens must complete the following three steps:

Step 1: Complete the online Vietnam E-visa application form. The picture submitted must be a current photo taken without glasses, and the passport data page must be legible.

Step 2: Obtain the application code and pay the visa fee with a credit card or debit card.

Step 3: If your visa is accepted, it will be sent to you. Utilize the printed E-visa to enter Vietnam.

The processing period for a Canadian E-visa to Vietnam is three (3) business days. Those who want to get a Vietnam E-visa more quickly may add the expedited service to the application form. By using the Vietnam E-visa urgent service, Canadians may get visa approval within one business day.

After the processing period, a PDF of the Vietnam E-visa will be sent to the applicant. The Canadian government should examine the E-visa approval for any flaws or omissions. When entering Vietnam, Canadian passport holders are just need to provide their passport and printed E-visa. No additional paperwork are needed.

Please contact us through email at for more information regarding Vietnam E-visa eligibility for Canadians and the procedure to get a Vietnam E-visa in CANADA. We will respond immediately upon getting your enquiry.

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