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2023 Vietnam Visa

Are New Zealand passport holders able to enter Vietnam without visa in 2023? How can New Zealanders get an online Vietnam Visa

There has been a rise in the number of people eager to leave the country for travelling after years spent quarantined as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. New Zealanders go to Vietnam because it is a popular tourist destination. Do citizens of New Zealand need a visa to enter Vietnam? Is a visa required to enter Vietnam with a New Zealand passport? Have a look at the bottom of the page for the details.

1/ Do New Zealander need visa to enter Vietnam in 2023?

Visas are required for visitors from certain countries before entering Vietnam, while others do not. Currently, nationals of 24 countries do not need a visa to enter Vietnam. The majority of these countries participate in Vietnam’s 15-day visa-free tourism programme. Nonetheless, a passport from NEW ZEALAND is not one of those accepted. New Zealanders will still require a visa to travel Vietnam in 2023.

A valid Vietnam visa is necessary for citizens of NEW ZEALAND before to departure for the country. Before allowing any passengers to board, airline personnel will verify each one’s visa status. Individuals holding passports from NEW ZEALAND who do not have a valid visa to enter Vietnam may be denied boarding.

New Zealanders may simply apply for a Vietnam visa online, despite the fact that their passport is not on the visa-free list for Vietnam. NZ citizens may apply for either a Visa on Arrival or an Electronic Visa to enter Vietnam.

In order to get a Vietnam visa, New Zealanders may utilise one of two methods, but their passports must still have at least six months of validity on them.

2 / How to get a Vietnam visa online with a passport from New Zealand in 2023?

Visa applications for Vietnam may be made online by New Zealand passport holders using any device with an internet connection. People from NEW ZEALAND may apply for a visa online from the comfort of their own homes and get an electronic response to their petition within minutes.

The Vietnamese government offers two online visa application options for New Zealand passport holders: Visa on Arrival (VOA) and Vietnam e-visa.

2.1/ How to get an electronic visa to Vietnam for New Zealand passport holders in 2023

Citizens of 80 countries, including NEW ZEALAND, may get a Vietnam e-visa online until 2023. In order to enter Vietnam, citizens of NEW ZEALAND need to apply for an e-visa in advance. Since this is the case, New Zealand passport holders will need to apply for and get an electronic visa for Vietnam well in advance of their scheduled departure.

Citizens of NEW ZEALAND who want to apply for a Vietnam e-visa may do so at this link. On February 1, 2017, Vietnam began accepting electronic visa applications at . Although E-visa was temporarily halted, the online application system is now available once again to all interested parties.

To apply, nationals of New Zealand must provide a scan or digital picture of their passport and a current, digital photo of themselves against a white backdrop (no hats or glasses). New Zealand citizens may apply for an electronic visa by providing the required information and attaching photos. Passport holders from NEW ZEALAND may expect to get an email with an attached e-visa three days after applying. A copy of this should be printed and brought to Vietnam in addition to your passport.

2.2/ How to get a Vietnam Visa on Arrival with New Zealand passport in 2023?

Visa on arrival was the most frequent option for tourists from NEW ZEALAND to receive a Vietnam visa before the e-visa system was implemented. New Zealanders arriving at Vietnamese airports will get a “visa on arrival,” allowing them to enter the country legally. It is necessary for citizens of NEW ZEALAND to get a visa approval letter before booking a flight to Vietnam.

The Visa Approval Letter is a government-issued document produced by the Vietnam Immigration Department in response to an online application, similar to the e-visa. However, you’ll need this visa acceptance letter in order to get a visa at the airport upon arrival in Vietnam. You can’t receive a visa upon arrival if you don’t have the permission letter.

In order to use the visa waiver programme, visitors must fly into one of Vietnam’s six main international airports: Saigon (HCMC), Hanoi, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hai Phong, or Phu Quoc. E-visas are required for citizens of NEW ZEALAND who want to enter Vietnam through land routes from adjacent countries.

What New Zealanders need to know about obtaining visa to Vietnam upon arrival at Vietnamese airport in 2023

In order to receive a visa upon arrival in Vietnam, one must:

To begin, you must submit an online application for a visa acceptance letter.

Citizens of New Zealand may apply for a visa to Vietnam online at  and need simply click through to fill out all essential information; physical papers are not required. An acceptance letter for a Vietnam visa typically takes 3 business days to complete for citizens of New Zealand.

Second, get a printout of the visa acceptance letter

The email address provided in the visa application form will be given the acceptance letter after it has been processed and approved. Visitors from New Zealand who want to visit Vietnam are encouraged to print off a copy and carry it with them.

Third, schedule your flight.

After getting the visa acceptance letter, people of New Zealand should plan a ticket to Vietnam. Though passengers from NEW ZEALAND may book flights without a visa, they will be required to provide either an electronic visa or a letter approving their visit to the country before boarding the plane.

Getting to Vietnam is Step 4

New Zealand passport holders may get their visa application forms at the visa-on-arrival desk. To get a visa, one must provide their passport, an approved Visa Letter, and photographs to the immigration officer. Include your passport number, issuance date, and expiry date on your visa application.

Two images of yourself are required by law, although the office may only request one; they should roughly measure 4 by 6 cm. Some airports feature kiosks where New Zealand residents may get their pictures taken for a nominal price in order to comply with these regulations.

Tourists from New Zealand may complete the visa process in Vietnam in only a few minutes.

In conclusion, travellers with New Zealand passports need a visa to enter Vietnam. Tourists from NEW ZEALAND who want to apply for a Vietnam visa no longer need to make the more expensive and time-consuming trip to an embassy or consulate of Vietnam. Those holding a passport from New Zealand now have the option of applying for a Vietnam visa online using either the streamlined Vietnam E-visa procedure or the more traditional Vietnam visa on arrival. Contact us at  if you need more specific information on how to apply for a Vietnam visa online with a New Zealand passport in 2023.

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