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Are AUSTRALIA Passport Exempted From Vietnam Visa 2023? Online Application for Vietnam Visa by Australian Citizens

After a lengthy period of quarantine and social isolation due to Covid-19, the desire for international travel is rising. Vietnam is among the most popular tourism destinations for Australian citizens. For going to Vietnam, do AUSTRALIA passport need a visa? Is there a visa exemption for Australians travelling to Vietnam? See the response below.

1/ Are Australians Exempt From Vietnam Visa Requirements in 2023?

Some nations need a visa to enter Vietnam in advance, while others do not. To date, people from 24 countries are free from visa requirements for entering Vietnam. The majority have access to a 15-day visa-free programme to visit Vietnam as a tourist. However, the Australian passport is not included. Citizens of AUSTRALIA must apply for a Vietnam visa prior to visiting Vietnam in 2023.

Australia citizens are needed to get a Vietnam visa before boarding an aircraft to Vietnam. Before allowing any passenger to board, the airline crew will verify all visas. People from AUSTRALIA without a valid Vietnam visa will not be permitted to fly to Vietnam.

Although Australia is not on the list of countries exempt from Vietnam visa requirements, Australians may still apply for a visa online. Australia citizens have access to two kinds of online Vietnam visas: Visa on arrival and E-visa.

No matter the method AUSTRALIANS choose, their passports must have at least six months of validity remaining in order to get a Vietnam visa.

2/ How to apply online for a Vietnam visa with AUSTRALIA passport in 2023?

Online application for a Vietnam visa is simple for AUSTRALIA passport holders with an internet-connected device. Visa results will be sent to AUSTRALIANS who submit visa applications online from the comfort of their homes.

There are two ways for AUSTRALIA passport holders to apply online for a Vietnam visa: Visa on Arrival (VOA) and Vietnam e-visa.

2.1/ How to apply for a Vietnam e-visa with passport from Australia in 2023?

Citizens of 80 countries, including Australia, may apply online for a Vietnam e-visa until 2023. Australia citizens must apply for a Vietnam E-visa prior to entering the country. Therefore, Australian passport holders are required to apply for and get a Vietnam E-visa before to boarding.

Click here to apply for a Vietnam e-visa as a citizen of Australia:

On February 1, 2017, Vietnam launched the e-visa system. Although E-visa was halted for a moment, the online application system is again available to all applicants again.

Australian nationals must provide a scan/digital picture of their passport as well as a current, digital, white-background photo of themselves (no hats or glasses). People of AUSTRALIA will have their E-visa applications processed after submitting the required information and pictures. AUSTRALIA passport holders will get an email with an attached e-visa three days later. Print and carry this along with your passport to Vietnam!

2.2/ How to apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival with passport from Australia in 2023?

Before the e-visa system was implemented, visa on arrival was the most usual option for Australians to get a Vietnam visa. Visa on arrival is the visa that AUSTRALIANS will get upon landing at Vietnamese airports. Before travelling to Vietnam, AUSTRALIANS are needed to apply for a visa clearance letter.

The Visa Approval Letter should not be confused with the e-visa; this formal letter is issued by the Vietnam immigration department, and it is also applied for online. However, this visa acceptance letter is used to get a visa at the Vietnamese airport upon arrival. Without the visa acceptance letter, visa on arrival is not available.

Vietnam visa on arrival is only valid for foreign travellers arriving in one of the following major cities: Saigon (HCMC), Hanoi, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hai Phong, or Phu Quoc. When entering Vietnam by land from a nearby country, AUSTRALIANS must apply for a Vietnam E-visa.

Australians obtaining Vietnam visa on arrival at Vietnamese airport in 2023

The procedure for acquiring a visa upon arrival in Vietnam is as follows:

Step 1: Apply visa acceptance letter online

The online application form for Vietnam visa acceptance letter is accessible at . Citizens of AUSTRALIA simply need to click and fill out the essential information; no physical papers are required. The processing time for a Vietnam visa acceptance letter for AUSTRALIANS is around three business days.

Step 2: Print out visa acceptance letter

Once granted, a visa acceptance letter will be emailed to the applicant’s registered email address. Australia visitors should print out a copy and carry it with them to Vietnam.

Step 3: Reserve a flight

If AUSTRALIANS have not yet booked a ticket to Vietnam, they should do so after getting the visa acceptance letter. Flights may be booked without a visa, however AUSTRALIANS are required to provide an E-visa or visa approval letter before boarding.

Step 4: Get visa at the airport

AUSTRALIA passport holders must visit the visa-on-arrival counter to get the visa application form upon arrival. To grant a visa, the immigration officer will want a passport, Visa Approval Letter, and photographs. Include on the visa application form your passport number, date of issuance, and expiry date.

Officially, two personal photographs are necessary, although the office may simply request one; they should be around 4 by 6 cm in size. Some airports provide kiosks where AUSTRALIA residents may snap pictures for a nominal cost if they do not have passport-quality photographs.

After a brief delay, AUSTRALIANS will get back their passports with a Vietnam visa sticker and complete the visa application process.

In conclusion, Australian passport holders need a visa to enter Vietnam. Tourists from AUSTRALIA wishing to apply for a Vietnam visa no longer need to contact Vietnamese embassies and consulates directly, which is often more expensive and time-consuming. Currently, both Vietnam E-visa and Vietnam visa on arrival are available for AUSTRALIA passport holders, allowing them to pick the most convenient method of online Vietnam visa application processing. Contact us or send an email to if you wish to understand the online Vietnam visa application process for AUSTRALIA passports in 2023.

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