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Vietnam E-visa for US Citizens Flying to Noi Bai Airport in 2023 – How to Apply for Vietnam E-Visa for Noi Bai Airport Entry for US Citizens

You are planning a vacation to Vietnam to fly into Noi Bai airport? You want to learn more about the Vietnam E-visa for U.S. citizens visiting the country via Noi Bai International Airport? If so, you’ve reached the correct location. In this article, we detail the Vietnam E-visa requirements for US passport holders, the procedures for obtaining a Vietnam E-visa for flying to Noi Bai airport with a US passport, the entry requirements at Noi Bai airport for US passport holders, and the Noi Bai airport fast-track service for US citizens. Let’s go!

1/ Can a US passport and Vietnam E-visa be used to visit Vietnam through Noi Bai airport in 2023?

Vietnam E-visa reopened in March 2022, allowing US passport holders to apply online for a Vietnam entrance permission. However, this E-visa is only valid for entrance via particular Vietnam entry ports. Can a United States passport access Noi Bai airport with a Vietnam e-visa?

In actuality, the Vietnam government has reinstated all laws pertaining to Vietnam E-visa, including entry port requirements while utilizing Vietnam E-visa. Noi Bai airport is one of eight international airports that allow E-visa holders from the United States. It indicates that U.S. citizens with a valid E-visa may enter Vietnam through Noi Bai airport.

Notice: To enter Vietnam via Noi Bai airport, the entry port in Vietnam E-visa clearance must indicate “Noi Bai airport.” If Americans utilize E-visas with separate entry ports, they will be refused boarding at Noi Bai International Airport.

2/ Vietnam E-visa for USA passport flying to Noi Bai Airport 2023

Vietnam E-visa for US citizens flying to Noi Bai is a 30-day single-entry visa valid for a maximum of one entrance. When applying for a Vietnam e-visa online, citizens of the United States must specify an arrival and leave date. After U.S. citizens leave Vietnam, this E-visa will become worthless.

The Noi Bai airport E-visa for US passport holders is exclusively valid for entry via Noi Bai airport. American citizens cannot utilize it to enter Vietnam via several airports.

The processing time for a Vietnam E-visa to access Noi Bai airport for U.S. passport holders is three business days. In cases of urgency, U.S. applicants may use the urgent service to accelerate the Vietnam E-visa application procedure. In this instance, an E-visa may be authorized within one business day or even two hours.

Before boarding a flight to Noi Bai airport, airline workers will need U.S. citizens to provide their passport and E-visa. In the absence of an approved E-visa, travellers from the United States will be refused boarding. Ensure that you have your E-visa before you travel to Noi Bai airport.

3/ How To Apply For A Vietnam E-Visa To Enter Noi Bai Airport For Citizens Of The United States In 2023

In reality, obtaining a Vietnam E-visa for Americans going into Noi Bai airport is a straightforward process. All procedures will be completed online using the Visa application form, and visa acceptance will be emailed to the applicant’s email address in the United States. Ensure that the correct name of Noi Bai airport is included on the visa application.

Step 1: Access the Vietnam Electronic visa application form online for U.S. passport

To begin the visa application procedure, please visit .

Step 2: Enter all needed information

  • Applicants from the United States must include all personal information and visa information on the visa application form.
  • Entry port: Please choose “Noi Bai airport” with attention. If your visa is approved, you may enter Vietnam via Noi Bai airport.

Step 3: Provide passport and picture

United States applicants must upload a passport information page (scan or photo) and a personal photo. Every required document must be supplied to the visa application form.

Step 4: review and payment

US applicants must check all details in visa order before making an online payment. After successful payment, the applicant will get an email confirmation.

After the processing period (3 business days for standard service and 1 business day for urgent service), the Vietnam E-visa will be granted and sent to the applicant. United States nationals need to print it off and prepare for their flight to Noi Bai airport.

4/ Noi Bai airport admission criteria for USA citizens 2023

All Covid-19 preventive entry limitations have been eliminated as of May 2022. Les titulaires d’un passeport de l’État-Unis munis d’une e-visa pour la Viet Nam peuvent aisément entrer a l

  • US passport with E-visa entering Noi Bai airport DON’T NEED to take quarantine
  • US passport with E-visa entering Noi Bai airport NOT required to show Covid-19 vaccination certificate
  • US passport with E-visa entering Noi Bai airport NOT required to show Covid-19 test negative
  • US passport with E-visa entering Noi Bai airport NOT required to show Covid-19 coverage
  • US passport with E-visa entering Noi Bai airport NOT required to show Covid-19 medical declaration

All documentation that Americans must provide upon arrival at Noi Bai airport are:

  • Original passport valid for more than six months
  • Hard copy of the Vietnam E-visa displaying “Noi Bai airport” as the entry port

5/ Noi Bai airport Fast Track service for American passengers in 2023

After the reopening of borders and the return of travelers, Noi Bai airport is consistently congested. This is the reason why foreigners and tourists to the United States must wait in a lengthy line for admission processes. Normal waiting time at the passport check desk for an entrance stamp is thirty minutes. Occasionally, it may be longer since so many visitors land simultaneously. For those who are not in a hurry, there is no issue. However, for people who are exhausted after a long travel, this is not a pleasant sensation.

There is an airport assistance service at Noi Bai airport (sometimes referred to as Noi Bai airport Fast Track service) that assists United States tourists in completing the entrance procedure within five minutes. This service allows U.S. passport holders to rapidly enter Vietnam.

With the Noi Bai fast track service:

  • United States citizens will be picked up after arrival by airport support personnel
  • Americans will enter Vietnam via VIP land
  • Airport assistance personnel will assist US citizens in completing the admission procedure within five minutes

How can Americans reserve Fast Track service at Noi Bai airport in 2023?

US passport holders may add the expedited service while completing the Vietnam E-visa application form online at . Simply choose “On Arrival Support service” as an additional option, and we will arrange for people to assist you upon arrival at Noi Bai airport.

To reserve fast track service, U.S. citizens must submit flight information. Please provide accurate flight details so that we can arrange for a staff member to take you up and assist you.

We have just learnt everything pertaining to the Vietnam E-visa for US passport holders visiting Noi Bai Airport, as well as the entrance criteria for US nationals at Noi Bai Airport and the Noi Bai Airport Fast Track service for US people. If you want further information, please contact us at .

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