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5 Easy Steps to Get a Vietnam Landing Visa for Taiwanese Entering Hanoi in 2023: Process and Documents

Taiwanese travelers like getting landing visas at airports in Ha Noi because it is easy and convenient. Taiwanese people need to follow the visa process at Ha Noi airports to get a Vietnam landing visa. Here are 5 easy steps that Taiwanese travelers can follow to get a landing visa in Ha Noi.

How Taiwanese citizens who fly to Ha Noi can get a Vietnam landing visa

The information below will help Taiwanese tourists who fly to Hanoi to get into Vietnam. Please see the steps below for Taiwanese citizens to get a Vietnam landing visa at Ha Noi airport:

Step 1: Look for the visa counter at the airport

Taiwanese people who arrive at the Ha Noi airport should first look for the “landing visa counter.” Follow the signs at the airport or ask a member of the airport staff where this office is.

At the Ha Noi airport, the landing visa counter looks like the picture below. It is close to the passport office.

Step 2: Send in the papers

At the Vietnam landing visa counter, Taiwanese citizens must show their passport, a printed copy of their Vietnam visa approval letter, a filled-out entry and exit form, and two 4×6 cm photos of themselves. Then you have to wait for the officer to process the paperwork, which could take a while.

Step 3: Pay visa fee and get visa stamp

When a Taiwanese traveler’s name is called out and their passport is in the hands of an immigration officer, it means their Vietnam visa is ready. The officer will ask Taiwanese people to pay a fee to get their Vietnam visa stamped. You can only pay in cash (USD or VND), so make sure to change the money before you go.

The officer will then give you a receipt and return your passport with a Vietnam visa stamped on it.

Step 4: Check visa

Before moving on to the next step, Taiwanese people should carefully look over the information on Vietnam visas. If the officer makes a mistake, tell him or her right away. Now that they have their Vietnam visa, Taiwanese travelers can move on to other steps in the arrival process.

Step 5: Enter Ha Noi

Taiwanese travelers can go to the Immigration Passport Control counter, get in line, and enter Vietnam after getting a landing visa.

It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes for this whole process. However, it may take longer if there is a big group of people. At Ha Noi Airport, there is a service called FAST TRACK SERVICE that helps people. Taiwanese travelers can book the fast track service to skip the long line, and airport staff will help them with everything they need to do for immigration.

Before flying to Ha Noi, Taiwanese people should get ready with below paperwork

Even Vietnam Landing visa helps Taiwanese people in a lot of ways, but that doesn’t mean they can fly straight to Ha Noi and then get a visa without having any documents ready ahead of time. To get a landing visa at Ha Noi Airport, you must have the following documents ready:

1/ Passport: Taiwanese citizens must bring the original passport, which must be valid for more than 6 months.

2/ Visa approval letter: This is an official document from the Vietnam immigration department that lets Taiwanese people get a visa when they arrive in Ha Noi. If Taiwanese people don’t have this approval letter, they won’t be able to get a landing visa.

But this link makes it easy to apply for a Vietnam visa approval letter:

3/ The entry and exit form can be found at the Ha Noi airport when you arrive. Or, Taiwanese citizens can get the form here: and fill it out ahead of time.

4/ Before flying to Vietnam, Taiwanese tourists should take two photos of themselves. The picture must have a white background and be 4x6cm in size. Taiwanese people can use a photo booth at the airport if they forget to take a picture.

5/ Cash: The fee for getting a stamp must be paid in cash. It costs $25 to get in once. Taiwanese tourists should bring cash in VND or USD.

We just gave Taiwanese people all the information they need to get a Vietnam landing visa at the Ha Noi airport. Please keep in mind that Taiwanese people need to follow the instructions of immigration officers at Ha Noi airport in order to get a visa. If you have any questions about how to get a visa when you land at Hanoi Airport, feel free to email us at .

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