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3 Simple Steps to Obtain Vietnam Landing Visa For Mongolian Citizens Travelling to Ho Chi Minh 2023

Vietnam Landing Visa is an option to apply for an entry visa to Vietnam in which Mongolian travellers can obtain the visa after arriving at one of the designated international airports. In this article, we will make clear the process to get Vietnam landing visa for Mongolian citizens who fly to Ho Chi Minh city.

Steps to apply for Vietnam landing visa at Ho Chi Minh airport for Mongolian nationals

The process to get Vietnam landing visa for Mongolian citizens is typically completed in 3 steps:

1/ Apply for visa approval letter online

Approval letter is the official entry permit which is issued by Vietnam immigration department. This is the vital document to get visa at Ho Chi Minh airport for Mongolian nationals. Mongolian travellers who don’t have visa approval letter will not be allowed to fly to Ho Chi Minh, as well as cannot get landing visa at Ho Chi Minh.

In order to get visa approval letter, Mongolian tourists should complete the application form with the exact information in passport. Make sure there are no mistakes to avoid any potential delays in approving the Vietnam visa. The visa application from for Mongolian nationals can be found here:

2/ Print visa approval letter

Mongolian tourists should wait 3-8 working days for processing the visa approval letter. After it’s approved, it will be sent via email which should be printed out. Also, an entry-exit form NA1 is needed. Any print out must be clearly legible, so printing out of few copies can be a worthwhile safety measure.

3/ Arrive in Ho Chi Minh

On arrival in Ho Chi Minh, Mongolian nationals should take the printed approval letter, original passport (must have at least 6 months of validity remaining), completed NA1 form and 2 passport-sized photos (white background is required) to “Landing Visa office” to get the visa stamp. All documents must be well prepared in advance to avoid troublesomes at the airport.

The visa application form (NA1) can be completed at Ho Chi Minh airport or printed out before hand to speed up the application process. Once the visa application is processed, Mongolian people will get back a Vietnam one-page visa sticker in passport.

Also, the stamping process at Ho Chi Minh airport is subject to a fee (payable in cash) of $25 for the single entry or $50 for the multiple entry. Cash must be paid in USD or VND. Depending on how busy the airport is, the entire process to get Vietnam landing visa in Ho Chi Minh for Mongolian nationals is around 15 to 25 minutes.

In conclusion, Vietnam landing visa is considered as a good option for Mongolian citizens who flying to Ho Chi Minh. The process to get landing visa at Ho Chi Minh is also quite easy, however please don’t forget to apply approval letter in advance. For more details about landing visa for Mongolian citizens at Ho Chi Minh, please contact us through .

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