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5 Easy Ways to Get a Vietnam Landing Visa for an American Entering Ha Noi in 2023 – Procedure and Documentation

Because of the convenience and simplicity, American passengers choose to obtain a landing visa at Ha Noi airports. American nationals must complete the visa procedure at Ha Noi airports in order to get a Vietnam landing visa. These are 5 simple procedures for American travelers to secure a landing visa in Ha Noi.

Process for obtaining a Vietnam landing visa for US citizens travelling to Ha Noi

The information below will be valuable for American visitors that fly into Vietnam via Ha Noi. Please review the following full processes for obtaining a Vietnam landing visa at Ha Noi International Airport for US citizens:

Step 1: Locate the landing visa counter.

While arriving at Ha Noi airport, US citizens should search for the “landing visa desk.” Follow the signs at the airport or ask airport personnel where to find this office.

The landing visa desk of Ha Noi airport is seen here. It is close to the passport control office.

Step 2: Submit the paperwork

American nationals must provide their passport, a printout of their Vietnam visa acceptance letter, a completed entrance & departure form, and two personal photographs (4*6 cm) at the Vietnam landing visa desk. Then wait for the officer to process the paperwork, which might take some time.

Step 3: Pay visa fee and get visa stamp

When American travelers hear their name called and an immigration official holds their passport, it indicates that their Vietnam visa is ready. The official will request that Americans pay the Vietnam visa stamping cost. Only cash (USD or VND) is accepted, so change your money ahead of time.

The officer will then return the passport (stamped with the Vietnam visa) and provide a receipt.

Step 4: Verify your visa.

Before moving to the following stage, Americans should carefully review the information on the Vietnam visa. If there is a mistake, notify the police immediately. With a Vietnam visa in hand, US travelers can now proceed with their other arrival processes.

Step 5: Arrive at Ha Noi

After receiving a landing visa, American visitors can proceed to the Immigration Passport Control counter, wait in line, and enter Vietnam.

This entire process normally takes 15 to 30 minutes. But, if there is a large gathering of individuals, it may take longer. QUICK TRACK SERVICE is a support service at Ha Noi airport. Americans may arrange the fast track option to avoid the enormous lines, and airport assistance professionals will assist them with all immigration tasks.

Documents that Americans should prepare before travelling to Hanoi

Vietnam, too. Although a landing visa provides several advantages to American citizens, it does not imply that they may travel directly to Ha Noi and obtain a visa without first preparing any documentation. To get a landing visa at Ha Noi International Airport, the following papers must be adequately prepared:

1/ Passport: American citizens must carry their original passport, which must be valid for at least six months.

2/ Visa acceptance letter: This is the formal document provided by Vietnam’s immigration service, allowing American nationals to get a visa upon arrival in Ha Noi. There is no possibility for American citizens to obtain a landing visa if they do not have this permission letter.

But, a Vietnam visa acceptance letter may be obtained quickly by visiting this website: .

3/ Entry and exit form: While landing in Ha Noi, this form is provided. Instead, American citizens can download and complete the following form in advance:

4/ Photograph: Before travelling to Vietnam, Americans should take two personal photographs. The photo must have a white backdrop and be 4*6cm in size. In case Americans forget to take a photo, the airport also has a photo booth.

5/ Cash: The stamping charge must be paid in cash. It costs $25 USD for a single admission. American visitors should bring money in VND or USD.

We have just published extensive information about obtaining a Vietnam landing visa at Ha Noi International Airport for American citizens. Please keep in mind that in order for the visa application procedure to go successfully, American citizens must follow the directions of immigration authorities at the Ha Noi airport. If you have any questions concerning the landing visa procedure at Ha Noi International Airport, please contact us at .

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