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Vietnam Visa Online For NEW ZEALAND passport holders 2023 – How to acquire Vietnam Visa from NEW ZEALAND?

I now reside in NEW ZEALAND and want to apply for a Vietnam visa from there. How can I do? Can Vietnam visa applications be done online? How does one apply for a Vietnam visa from NEW ZEALAND?

In truth, Vietnam reopened its borders to visitors and businesspeople from all over the globe in 2022. Visitors from NEW ZEALAND may apply for a Vietnam visa in two straightforward ways: Apply for a visa to Vietnam online from NEW ZEALAND and at the embassy in NEW ZEALAND.

1/ How to apply online for a Vietnam visa from NEW ZEALAND in 2023?

Vietnam visa online is a method of applying for a Vietnam visa using the internet, which applicants from NEW ZEALAND may do from any location. Therefore, New Zealand passport holders with internet connection may apply for a Vietnam visa in New Zealand.

The visa application order for NEW ZEALAND passport holders will be filed electronically and then sent to the system of the Vietnam immigration department. After three business days, immigration authorities will conduct a review and then award visas. Visa acceptance will be communicated through email to the applicant. Applicants from NEW ZEALAND just need to print it out and provide it while entering Vietnam.

Online visa applications for Vietnam are legal. Numerous residents of NEW ZEALAND and tourists from across the globe have used this method to get a Vietnam visa quickly. With a Vietnam visa online, holders of a NEW ZEALAND passport do not need to go far to submit a visa application; instead, they may remain at home and submit their visa application with a few mouse clicks.

Vietnam Visa Online is useful for people of NEW ZEALAND who reside distant from the Vietnamese Embassies and do not want to prepare a large number of papers.

Online Vietnam visa application procedures from NEW ZEALAND in 2023:

To get a Vietnam visa online from NEW ZEALAND, the following actions must be taken:

Step 1: Access the Vietnam visa application form online at .

Step 2: Select an appropriate visa type for your trip

Step 3: Complete the online application form with all mandatory details and submit payment

After submitting the online application, you will get an email confirming your visa order. After the processing period, the visa will be sent to you.

What should you do after obtaining an email visa approval?

  • Please verify all information in the visa approval to ensure that all personal and visa information is accurate.
  • Print a copy of this visa for future use.
  • Upon arrival at the Vietnam entry port, just present your passport and this visa approval to enter Vietnam.

processing time for online Vietnam visa applications in NEW ZEALAND 2023

Passport holders of NEW ZEALAND may get a Vietnam visa online within three working days or sooner, depending on the service chosen.

  • Standard procedure: three working days
  • Urgent: 8 working hours (expedited fee is required)
  • Super urgent: 2 working hours (expedited fee is required)

2/ How to apply for a Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy in NEW ZEALAND 2023

There is a Vietnam embassy in NEW ZEALAND, thus holders of NEW ZEALAND passports may submit visa applications there. The conditions for applying for a Vietnam visa at the embassy are subject to change, thus it is advised to double-check the information before to your visit.

For NEW ZEALAND citizens applying for a Vietnam visa in person at the Vietnam Embassy in NEW ZEALAND, the following information is required:

  • Visas granted by the embassy of Vietnam in NEW ZEALAND are valid for entry into Vietnam through airports, land borders, and seaports.
  • Visas granted by the Vietnam embassy in NEW ZEALAND are loose-leaf visas, and you may apply for a single or multiple entrance to Vietnam.
  • Processing time: it depends on how quickly you want the visa approval; typically, it takes 5-7 working days. Nonetheless, you should contact the Vietnam Embassy for further information.
  • Documents Required to Apply for a Vietnam Visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in NEW ZEALAND: Original passport, application paperwork, two 3x4cm photographs, and visa fee

Note: Before applying for a Vietnam visa, ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months and contains at least two blank pages.

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