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[Vietnam Tourist Visa For AUSTRALIA Citizens 2023] How to get an online tourist visa for Vietnam if you are an Australian

Vietnam is a great place to visit because it has war scenes, wooden sampans, floating markets, nice beaches, and rice fields where new life is growing. As soon as you step foot on this land, you will see how beautiful it is. In order to visit any country, you need a visa, and Vietnam is no different. People from AUSTRALIA who want to visit Vietnam need a Vietnam tourist visa. So, what is an Australian tourist visa for Vietnam, and how do Australians get one?

1/ Tourist visas for people from Australia to visit Vietnam

Australia passport holders and other people who want to travel to Vietnam can get a Vietnam tourist visa. Tourist visas for Vietnam can only be used for short trips or short stays in Vietnam.

When a Vietnam tourist visa for Australian is valid:

Australia passport holders can get a Vietnam tourist visa that is good for up to 3 months, but the most common one is good for 30 days. The time will start to run from the date on the visa approval letter, not from the date of entry. For example, if tourists from Australia use a 30-day Vietnam tourist visa to enter the country and the visa is only good from January 1 to January 31, even if they arrive on January 12, the visa is only good until January 31.

2/ Types of Vietnam tourist visas for visitors from Australia in 2023

Australia passport holders can get a Vietnam tourist visa for a single entry or for more than one entry. If tourists from AUSTRALIA want to travel a lot, they don’t have to get a new visa every time they go to Vietnam if they have a visa that lets them go more than once. If, on the other hand, tourists from AUSTRALIA get a single-entry visa, it will end as soon as they leave Vietnam.

  • Tourists from Australia should apply for a single-entry tourist visa if they only plan to visit Vietnam once.
  • Tourists from Australia should apply for a multiple-entry tourist visa if they plan to visit Vietnam more than once.

3/ How to get a tourist visa for Vietnam if you are from Australia in 2023

You can apply in person or online for a Vietnam tourist visa if you have an Australian passport.

3.1/ Australians can get a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy or consulate.

Australians can get the paperwork ready and apply for a Vietnam visa at Vietnamese embassies or consulates. Australia applicants can find a list of Vietnam embassies and consulates here:

In this way, people from AUSTRALIA who want to visit Vietnam must go to the Vietnam Embassy and apply for a visa there. AUSTRALIA applicants have to go to the embassy twice: once to fill out an application and once to find out if they got a visa.

Some embassies suggest that people apply for visas by mail or email so they don’t have to wait in long lines and waste time. If AUSTRALIA applicants can’t go to the embassy because it’s too far away or because of something else, they can call the consular office ahead of time to find out if they can apply by mail.

Vietnam visa approval will take between 5 and 7 business days after the application is received.

3.2/ AUSTRALIANS can apply for a Vietnam visa online in 2023

This is the fastest and easiest way for people from AUSTRALIA to get a visa for Vietnam. To apply for a Vietnam visa online from AUSTRALIA, you need to have these documents ready:

  • Passport (scan or picture of data page)
  • Picture of yourself (without glasses)

Getting a Vietnam visa online through email only takes 3 working days for normal service and 1 working day for urgent service. After an AUSTRALIA tourist’s visa is approved, all they have to do is print it out and show it when they enter Vietnam.

Follow these easy steps to apply for a Vietnam visa online with a passport from Australia:


  • Go to to visit the online Vietnam visa application form for Australians.
  • Give your full name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, date of arrival, port of arrival, and other information.
  • Choose urgent service (if any)
  • Use the right email address
  • Attach your photo and passport.


Make sure to check your information twice before you pay. There may be fees for any changes made after payment.


After three business days, your visa will be sent to the email address you gave on the application form. Check your visa once more to make sure everything is correct, then print it out and get ready for your trip to Vietnam.

When tourists from AUSTRALIA arrive at airports, landports, or seaports in Vietnam, they only need to show their passport and visa. The people’s passports will be checked, and then the entry stamp will be put on them.

We just learned about how Australians can get a Vietnam tourist visa and what information they need. If you need more information or are having trouble getting a visa, you can send us an email at .

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